Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Underground: Janelle Monae

Let me just start by saying that when I heard about Janelle Monae from one of our readers I was eager to check her out. I did assume that she would be a carbon copy of Amy Winehouse or Corrine Bailey Rae, but I was in for a huge surprise. As I type this I have listened to Janelle Monae's song "Peachtree Blues" about 5 times in a row. I can not seem to get enough of her 1940's Billie Holiday type feel. As a lover of old movies and all things vintage, I especially cling to this song. Her new albums are entitled Metropolis, and will be released in "suites". They contain songs with techno beats, traditional R&B, Blues, Musical Theatre inspired songs, doo wop, soul, and even things that remind you of happy-go-lucky-Disney. A record that holds this much diversity is worth listening to. If you think Miss. Monae looks a little familiar she was the girl in Outkast's "Morris Brown" video with the crazy hair do. Her appearance is not a coincidence, Janelle is signed to Big Boi's Purple Ribbon Label in collaboration with Wondaland Arts Society (http://www.wondaland.blogspot.com/) , who knew a label could give an artist this much creative freedom-there really is a God lol!!! Her inspirations are as diverse as her sound, they include Bjork, Fiona Apple, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and of course Outkast.

Janelle's story of discovery is in traditional form, like that of a fairy tale: Young country girl from Kansas moves to the Big Apple after high school, attends The American Musical and Dramatics Academy (AMDA), graduates, moves to the ATL, and gets discovered by Big Boi after singing a politically controversial song, entitled Dear Mr. President...well maybe her story is a bit different, who knew SCAM-DA, i mean AMDA could produce a new super talented star? Janelle Monae is truly my new favorite "newbie" on the music scene. Visit her website http://www.janellemonae.com/ for tour dates and travel information!

Check out these songs:
Peachtree Blues
Violet Stars Happy Hunting

Janelle Monae Information:

Metropolis: Suite 1 "The Chase" IN STORES AUGUST 21!!!!!!!!!!!
"Queenie Valentine says Butt Buddies are Fun!!",
love the infamous,
Kimmie E


Shanice Akilah said...

Janelle Monae...my modern day Audrey Hepburn soo eccentric classic and retrom. Her music is soo inspirtational fun and funky fresh. Her voice is not like most I have heard before and i love her!!! Her song Metropolis is the best along with my other song Violet Stars Happy Hunting (the reason behind my purple stars tattoo!!) But alot of people dont understand her style and her music and i believe that they are soo closed minded but then again she is definately an aquired taste!! wonderful blogging!! s.akilah

Imani said...

YESSS Janelle Monae is jus about the greatest. I find her style and her voice soooo unique. A friend of mines was her roommate in College ... (Morris Brown) In Atl. So yeah Janelle will def be the next best thing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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