Monday, July 30, 2007

Spotlight On: Simpsons Avatars and M&Ms

If you havent realized it yet, the Simpsons are in their own movie. I decided to make an ever so popular Simpsons Avatar on .The Avatar pictured below is none other than Queenie V's other writer Doe Cheese. Smile for the camera Dom! (flash flash)...haha. If you want to turn yourself into an avatar with an actual picture go to Oh yeah before I forget, the Simpsons website is loaded with goodies you can enjoy during work such as games, tours of Springfield, ready-made avatars, and semi-detailed descriptions of your favorite Simpsons characters!

The other cool "turn yourself into thingy" is the website. You can turn urself into an m& m in any m&m flava..To the right is the ill na na Queen Cupcake 3000. A love child between chocolate, peanuts, Queenie V, and Andre 3000...


P.S. If you make a bomb ass avatar email it to us at, but first send us a comment (peaces)--kimmie e

Kimmie E. Huxtable...lmao

soooo i look like denise from the cosbys according to doms drunk friend...anyway, my twisted variation of poetic justice hurts like a motha...tell me watcha think..

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