Thursday, May 15, 2008

queenie's valentine: sais (pronounced size...duh)

The Factz

alias b.k.a: Sais (pronounced Size)
age: 12
grind: Porn Actor/Actor/Writer for Laced.

Tha Interview

1. I have a soft spot for:
Wheat colored sneakers.

2. Fiji, Evian, or tap? Tap

3. Republican Elephant or Democrat Donkey? Donkey

3.5. Hilary or Obama? Obama

4. Favorite Designer: (i guess he didn't want to answer this one lol)

4.5. complete the lyric: lifes a bitch and then ya ____die_____

5. What song would they play at your funeral? Dmx slippin

6. Perfect Female Specimen is: Mya

7. What drug are you cocaine or heroin (queenie does not support drug use of any kind cept for green grass lol :): Cocaine. Im best taken in through the nose. Ya smell me?

8. Ur best Facebook status ever: I don't pay attention to my facebook.

9. If we wanted to make you, what ingredients would we need? Hot Sauce. Lots and lots of hot sauce.

10. Last Will and Testament
: After all is said and done, more will be said and done.

lets get personal:

so whats the best part about being from wherever it is that ur from? Lol
NY. Theres always something to do and theres a crazy mix of people. If you don't lame out you can do something different everyday

whats ur most prized possession?My soul. I don't think I'll sell it anytime soon.

when it comes to music today whose ur greatest inspiration? Nas

favorite old school rapper? Kool G Rap

what projects have u worked on/are working on? Overachiever mixtape available for free download. In the 4th quarter a project called Robot and maybe a lil mid-tape as I like to call it named "company's over" featuring a few of my comrades

ok now this is the real final thought...anything you wanna get out to the sons and daughters? To the sons. Try and fuq as many girls as you can and to the daughters don't give it up to the sons.

sais pictured with a sais tee (left) duh right?


dheathjr said...

kim, so i'm still here btw..just paitenly awaiting my interview or wutver..i wanna give back 2 the community. poosibly a segment on that?

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