Monday, June 30, 2008

The Age Old Battle : Sneakers vs. Stilettos

The Age Old Battle: Stilettos vs. Sneakers

Glamour, the illusion of mile long legs, and pure sex appeal are all things that come to mind when you throw on a pair of pumps.
Comfort, freshness, and practicality are what a pair of sneakers offer to a modern day woman.
But which one is better?

This battle has raged on for a while now. I know chicks that refuse to wear sneakers and only rock heels. But on the flip side I also know many females that don’t wear pumps and can’t even walk in them. Many woman say sneakers make your feet look too large and can’t be worn everyday, but doesn’t that argument also fit pumps. I damn sure couldn’t wear a pair of heels everyday or for long periods of time.

Heels make your walk meaner and your body more viscous, plus boys like them ( but who really cares what they like lol). But a pair of sneakers with the right outfit can be just as viscous, plus I know some sneakerheads that love a girl in some J's on a pair of Dunks. Sneakers are more of a collectors item, they are like rare gems when you get the right ones, you can go to the club and see hella girls with the same stilettos as you.

But its all in what that particular female prefers I guess or you can just like both, like me lol.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I won I won I wonnnnnnnnnnnn (sticks tounge out)

(sing to the tune of "bust it baby") I won a teeee shirt from around the way girls...a hot ass bomb ass tee...cant believe i won a tee shirt a hot ass tee shirt, that they're gonna mail to kimmie e, u kno that its my tee shirt BAYBAY...and everybody know that its my TEE SHIRT..BAYBAY

..YAY kim!

queenie on myspace

queenie is on myspace and has been on myspace for a long ass muhfu**in time...i just decided that i would re-inform you of our alternate whereabouts..


i have taken the liberty to revamp our entire ish, make it so fresh and so clean and so...queenie..yes? add us:
P.S. if you don't add us, you are so not our real friends!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Phone Home

Well while I am at my desk in this maze of cubes feeling trapped like a rat, with no freakin work to do….I ponder. COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT A CELL PHONE OR MOBILE DEVICE?

Well I know that I couldn’t. I damn near piss myself when I realize that I have forgotten my phone at home or lost it. Its like I am no longer connected to the world without it. Think about it, your phone allows you to access so much, especially when you are bored lol. You can text or call your bestie, access the Internet, AIM, and listen to music. Your phone can get you out of a jam and find you a ride when you are stuck downtown at 12 a.m. and the buses are no longer running. Your phone can help you remember that number of that cutie you just booked in the club (although I don’t condone booking people in the club, it never works out lol). There are so many damn capabilities with in this small, plastic, and expensive device.
So I dare you for one week (a day is nothing) go without you phone and see how you feel.
-Doe Chee$e


The movie Wanted is an action flick with blazing guns and a story about an average Joe turning into a super assassin starring Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, and Common. Wanted the movie looks pretty enticing, but I could be wrong. I hate reading reviews, but today in my little cubicle much like the ones in Wanted, I got bored and read the NY Times review of the movie. They really bashed the movie, but I think I will still go and see it any way. The NY Times said the movie just borrowed plots and ideas from the “Matrix” and “Fight Club,” but what movies that has come out in the last past 5 to 7 years hasn’t borrowed or even stolen ideas from movies from past years. O and don’t get me started on these damn sequels that are happening ten years too late. There are really no fresh and new ideas come out of Hollywood now of days. You can either see a sequel, an animated movie, or something foolish…..nothing innovated. This is just my opinion so please don’t get all huffy puffy on me.

-Doe Chee$e

Saturday, June 21, 2008

History, Pure History

So I know I'm kind of late, but on Friday while I was sitting at my desk staring into the computer I decided to hit to to check out what was going on in the world, or at least in New York. Of course I clicked on Style& Fashion and started to read an interesting article. The article, Conspicuous by Their Presence was about the prejudice towards Blacks in the fashion world and howItailan Vogue is dedicated its July issue to Black models. I was quite intrigued at the thought of a whole issue of Vogue featuring only black faces. This is historic I thought to myself. The mag will feature Tyra Banks and Miss Campbell, who were shot by famous and brilliant photographer Steven Meisel, who shot Madonna for that kinky book called SEX. I am definitely going to buy the July issue ofItailan Vogue! I mean it is a piece of history for pete's sake.

-Doe Chee$e

Check Her Style: Miss Jack Davey

Miss Jack Davey is one half of the group J Davey, a unique and funky band. Not only is there music fun and interesting, but her style is ridiculous. She is a free spirit at heart and her style reflects that kind of thinking. She wears lots of colors and patterns, and her lash game is sick. Miss Jack Davey's hair is all its own and I have never seen anything like it. She kinda reminds of Miss Badu. I love J davey's music and this chicks style. I love when people bring something new to the table and that is just what Miss Jack Davey does.
You can check more of her style and J Davey out at
Keep doing ya thing miss.
-Doe Chee$e

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Loving This

Through all the hype of The Carter III, this album shines through. Now don't get me wrong the Carter III is my shit but when I am at work staring into the computer and falling to sleep..this album gets me hype. Seeing Sounds by N.E.R.D. is good, not too serious, and a lot of fun. It helps me get through my rough work week and it bumps in the car. CHECK IT OUT!
- Doe Chee$e

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Battle of the Bra

I wear panties, well "underwear". Same thing right? That's what I thought, but apparently it's not. I mean do guys really expect you to be wearing the baddest draws in the universe before they go in for the kill? I haven't had any problems thus far, but that of course is as a result of my bomb ass genes and hairstylist lol/jk, but really why must I adorn my ass with scratchy lace when either, A, someone else is going to take them off for me, B, I'm going to take them off to pee or do the number 2 (yes i do it too lol), or C, I'm going to cover them up with a hella good outfit? My pantie experience has haunted me since high school when a number of my high school chums (all guys with tattoos and dreds) opened my underwear drawer and hysterically laughed at all of my horrible, yet comfortable, white children's underwear! But I still haven't changed drastically, maybe a few boyshorts here, a little bit of aerie there, and some vickie PINK on occasion, but none have really gotten me out of my pantie-rut. So I have decided to let you into my underwear-no-excuse me my PANTIE drawer, while i revamp my downtown disaster zone (that sounds like a venarial disease nickname or something.)

I don't even own a thong!
right...i know

problem one: i call panties, draws or underwear...apparently my "view" of the pantie is too casual and I must change it in order to take the pantie seriously...because this is more serious than Darfur from now on they are PANTIES ("Simple Psychology Watson!")

problem two: i stereotype the pantie...the lace really isn't itchy, i tried it on, i just ASSUMED and made an ass out of you and me, right? I must also realize that there is a specific type of under...excuse me PANTIE for every lovely pink cupcake filled lady!

problem three: this is probably the biggest problem of them all...I don't wear a bra, i know i know, I should know better, but I either free-breast (girl version of free-ball lol) or wear camisoles, they are so friggin comfortable, you know? OK well maybe you don't, but I hate bras because they are the most uncomfortable things EVER, but the rule says they have to match your panties so I guess I have to change that...but i'm sure I can find a loophole somewhere...hmmmmmm (pictured left, the bra i want

the first step is admitting you have a problem, the second is addressing it in your online blogger account. stay tuned for pantie updates. yay?

tha carter III: queenie will slap a bitch for weezy f

So I still think that lil' wayne is on the best kind of crack out there, HOWEVER, he still has what it takes to produce a good album (mind you I said good not great). So maybe it's not a classic, maybe its not an illmatic or a reasonable doubt or even a blueprint...or dare i say it, a carter II...but it still rocks. My favorite song would have to be "dontgetit/misunderstood"...with the nina simone sample, YES! I listened to the entire 10 minute thing where he bashes Al Sharpton, compares himself to MLK, gives us the difference between a suburb and a hood, and also justifies why sex offenders are still on the prowl...yea. I also dig "La La" and of course "Dr. Carter" is the shit (he outraps jay). Wayne really spits on this album, cop it, or burn it, or download it...i don't care, just get in the know YA DIGGGG! hahahahahaha

o and just so you know there are multiple editions of "a milli" roamin' the had to have heard the Lil' Chuckie version on DA Drought is over 1,000,006, right? Right. There is also a version with Lil'Mama...i don't care what nobody say, that chick is the future of female rap--mama can spit, hot fire, yea

i gotta put this picture up again because it still makes me laugh




not because it could potentially kill me, but because it gave me acne...there is the modern world for you

final judgement: u could slap a bitch over this album, cuz it's pretty damn and tempting, all that shit. booyah! (yeah i said booyah)

Friday, June 6, 2008

kimmie e and the tall tale of bitchassness

so facebook is officially boring and ive revamped my myspace a total of three times in the past two days...yea so around the way girls and missbehave are the only things that keep me company during hell hours. So i have had a very interesting morning filled with bitchassness, scandal, mischief, tension, text messaging, aim, and facebook chat- O the wonders of technology-
moving on its fucking 95 degrees and tomorrow they're trying to say its going to be 101 and everyone should just be OK with that? That's not NORMAL..when it gets hot the bitch disease comes out. Hmmm..lets discuss about bitchassness? This is like my favorite topic in the universe because it encompasses everything stupid that someone could do. Since bitch is like my favorite word, adding "assness" to it only seems natural, right? right. So here are some ways to stop the epidemic!

how to stop bitchassness in easy steps

1. first you gotta wear the t-shirt, its like a walking billboard that u dont stand for bitch shit...nigga bitch shit, or bitch bitch shit, ya digg? and if you dont have enough money for the real shirt, get yourself a sharpie and a white t and ur good

2. dont associate with bitch bitches or bitch this may be hard to follow considering that bitchassness can only be found out with careful observation, however studies have shown that it is hereditary and also sexually transmitted...its like chlamydia though, it can be taken care of in a few days, but its embarrassing, who wants to be a bitch for a week?

3. third, you gotta ask the question, "do you have bitchassness in you? cuz (insert name here) doesn't deal with bitchassness! there will be no bitchassness at (insert address, clique, or company name here)!" (insert person picking up there bitch face here)

4. if they don't believe that they have bitchassness within them, you have to bring up an instance where their inner bitch was shown through their outer bitch to show them how far gone they really are...i would suggest showing them their own youtube tape that they are not aware that they have.

5. tar and feather...yea tar and feather

the end...i got some "work" to do, stopping bitchassness is a full time job out

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Seeing Stars

Nicky Hilton in Lacey Parker

Ashley Olsen In Chanel

Beyonce in Chanel

I haved loved stars since I was a youngin so why not translate that love to fashion. I would wear this trend in a heart beat. Most of the girls shown are wearing Chanel 08 ', but I'll just be happy with the black and white star top I bought from H&M not to long ago.

Got to love fashion
-Doe Chee$e


Pierre Hardy "Cruzeiro"
So Wonderful, so expensive
- Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ya bitch ya!

democratic candidate BABY
at least he will be after today...I KNOW THIS
im psychic

Monday, June 2, 2008

Eye Candy of the Week: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is not only hunky and handsome (hehe), but he is also one of the greatest actors of our time. From Edward Scissor Hands to Willy Wanka, this guy can work the big screen. Clean cut or scruffy, Johnny Depp is a world-wide sex symbol. My favorite character of Johnny's is of course Jack Sparrow. Keep doin ya thing Mr. Depp (damn sexy...geez!)

- Doe Chee$e

YSL dies at 71

mourning the death of a great designer...we say goodbye to YSL, he reshaped the House of Dior (enough with the Today show-esque tribute!)

YSL was bad ass, he created a womans pants suit, very, very, very innovative for the era he was working in, and even sued Ralph La.uren for copying him..He hung out with Warhol, the Jaggers, Catherine Deneuve...the list continues..He was and continues to be one of the most talented designers who ever gave a model reason to walk...KUDOs to you Yves! Give the angels some bad ass practical robes!

read about it right here

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