Tuesday, September 23, 2008


People's Best Dressed List of 2008

Check out the best dressed for 2008. People never steers us wrong, they know what's good. Our girl Rih Rih made it in the number 2 spot, second to Kate Hudson who just shits on everybody. Thank god for stylists right? right. On second thought maybe people should make a best PERSONAL STYLE THAT YOU COME UP WITH YOURSELF list. Almost everyone on here dresses similar except for Sarah Jessica Parker, but she's almost completely influenced by Patricia Field....hmmm celebrities today, can't do anything themselves.

jhud n punk

so why is j.hud engaged to Punk from I love New York 2?

I thought he was gay.

my baby is misunderstood...BUT I UNDERSTAND U BOO

If you know me personally you know that I have a strange obsession with Trey Songz. He's MY LIFE! Like seriously, have you looked at him. He's just great! I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting his autograph last year in Richmond. I was talking on the phone and I looked at him and he looked at me and he smiled and he asked me my name and i was like, "uh uh ummmm" and he said, "ummm" and laughed and then i said, "Kim" (sigh). The time of my life.

He has a new song out called "misunderstood" (again with the Nina Simone sample). Apparently he's misunderstood (I understand you boo!). He gets on so much shit...i just love it
so hood, so vulgar, so TREY..my bay (sigh)
you shit on Chris...i like him, but i LOVE YOU...cop the album, its old but if you don't got it, GET THAT SHIT...

O AND ITS A FREESTYLE...both SONG and RAP...love u boo

Misunderstood Freestyle - Trey Songz

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

why facebook is spinning out of control by kimmie e

i can see EVERYTHING you do...and it creeps me out. It also creeps me out because on your news feed you can see everything that i'm doing. So CREEPY. And am I trippin' or have the status' gone completely out of control. Sucks. DAMN YOU FACEBOOK..my addiction!!!!


I often sit back and think about the "L" word. No, not "lesbian" you stupids, LOVE lol. Yes Love, the word we hold so close to our hearts, or we believe that it in itself is the only function our hearts provide (forgetting the whole circulation of blood to sustain life thing). I love LOVE and I love being in love, but I no longer feel the love. Where is the LOVE people and if you know where it is tell me what 1-800 number I can call to get me some of that truth. dig? Whenever I am not in love, lust, or just casually talking to some nigga fool,  I feel like i'm missing out on this big secret. You know those times when you come home after this bomb ass party and brotha you used to talk to was lookin right, but you just don't have the balls to give his ass a call, so you sit in your house while you watch your roommates go galavanting into the night sky in pursuit of some good lovin' or lustin'...whatever. As Americans we are constantly reminded that if we find that one special person everything will miraculously be OK. Will love make it OK? Or will love just blind us?

Maybe the reason why people love LOVE so much is because it blinds them from reality. It can be good to some or bad to some. As an artist I feel that an escape from reality is a release and an allowance to create your own reality. Its deep ya'll. Being in love is being humble, being aware of a person's flaws, but acceptant of them, being open for anything and most importantly being in love is taking a risk. So with allllll that said I encourage you to love. Take a risk and pursue love, be loved, break the barriers down. Don't be afraid of rejection, be afraid of being numb. You only live once, (unless you believe in reincarnation, then you only live THIS life once).

peace people
love freely :)

black people also like TYLER PERRRY

like duh

how could i forget the countless hours I have spent memorizing scenes from Madea's Blah Blah Blah..
My people love this wretchedness, but I can't even lie Madea is too funny. lol

Monday, September 15, 2008

things black people love

1. mcdonald's sweet tea (am i allowed to use the same picture twice?) lol

2. newports

3. pepsi

4. stoops and porches

5. fried chicken (yea yea yea...its good tho' why be ashamed?)

6. lil wayne

7. myspace

8. altimas and acuras....crown vics and grand marquee

9. whatever city they're from

10. showers

11. big ass speakers/bass (turn it up in the headfones)

12. exspensive shoes

13. vibrant colors

14. being fresh, fly, and flashy

15. sex

16. family reunions (you get them free shirts wit your last name on it! dope...)

17. yo grandmomma

18. frozen cups and kool aide

19. swagga

20. salt peppa ketchup

things that black people laugh at

1. your bad ass kids...black people are infamous for laughing at other people's bad ass children. expecially white people's bad ass kids. Everyones sitting there laughing and thinking, "why don't they just beat his little ass?" I always like to watch little white kids and hispanic kids run all around stores and break shit. Their parents look so stressed and sooo upset, like "God why ME". A little ass whoopin would fix that shit right up.

2. bad ass track...I love this! I love when black people laugh at other black people for having the WORST tracks/weave imaginable! When you see a sista walkin down the street with a head full of CLEARLY fake blonde and red tracks it makes you question the sanity of the race in general? Did some other black person actually TELL you that you looked GOOD? 9 times out of 10 they were lying and wanted to really see if you would actually walk out of the house with lion pelt sticking out of your scalp. MY PEOPLE! get it together lol...

3. when people kiss their dogs...so i just saw your dog go and lick another dog's ass and then i saw you run up and kiss your dog on the lips!? that means that you just kissed that previous dog's dirty ass. once i was in a park with some friends and this dog was kissin alll over this man's face. we all stood there and shook our heads...repeatedly...and then of course we laughed.

4. when there is no sweet tea at mcdonalds...maybe WE don't laugh, maybe I just laugh because i hate sweet tea, but everyone else be mad though lol...until they say they ran out of apple pies, that's justs trifflin!

5. when you see a junkie lean...a junkie leanin in the middle of the street is kind of like watching a race. everyone's commenting, saying things like "look he's gettin' lower", "naw wait he's about to hit the ground...", "i bet you 10 dollas that nigga fall", "damn he def just popped back up, he bet' not ask me fo a dolla!"

6. when people dance with no rhythm...we just feel embarrassed for you

7. pornos...porn is funny. lets face it, watching two people having sex is just hilarious. They moan and groan. i just laugh because real sex ain't like that my dudes. porno provides insight into how white people look like naked too. Everything's all pink...yea pink..weren't you curious? O and black pornos are the funniest, cuz its just like, "why?", "wasn't slavery enough?", "you know your mama would beat your ass if she saw this shit!"

Friday, September 12, 2008


u jus mad cuz ur ass i old

everyone shud watch the boondocks

but this shit...
this shit right here nigga
this shit right here
this shit is krytakronakonalite nigga

and im still hung off the libation...my nigga

Thursday, September 11, 2008

drunk and hot girls

im drunk
should u kno that yes u shud

ive been so anti i dont kno what the hell is going on in the world

yay grey goose

ooo and i copped the new missbehave
everybody get it
tooo dope...santogold? o yes!

AND it says autumn 2008...does this mean i wont have a copy for novemba?
my birthday month?
say it aint so my dudes! o and they have a new "shop" on karmaloop...im coppin that sweata, so dont bite me....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a letter to the public

dear queenie valentine reader,

i know i have been away for sometime now and for that i am sorry. :( However I am full of logical excuses. WORK And SCHOOl..and SOCIAL life or what's left of it. AND not to forget my internet was acting like it was on some serious crack. I had to sit on the phone with Dell, while some foreign man explained to me in almost perfect English that I had to re-buy a warranty for the third time in order for them to fix my internet problem! Ugh...technology can be so ridiculous sometimes. I'm going to try my best to keep up with the Jones' and keep ur wondering bright minds entertained. lol. While I've been gone some interesting things have happened:both party conventions, the VMA's (which i quickly wrote about last night), classes began, i quit one of my jobs, i made my first ebay purchase on my roomates computer, and i dont know of anything else because im being so so so ANTI and so self absorbed into my own life that i forget to google and find out a lil sumin sumin bout rih rih, britney, and some new brooklyn rap group...i have now come back to work. look forward for new ish..and bare with me plz

kimmie e

Monday, September 8, 2008

but this was even though her ass broke...

Kanye VMA

ok ok ok

i kno ive been away but my computer is broken (o boo). however im using my roomies...
im currently watching the VMA's and Kanye is performing. I don't know anything he said. What song was that? Is he a singer now? Is he Nelly? Why?

i wanted u to rap kanye
i wanted u to do the kanye
but u failed...and im sad about it

boo u

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Although I’d rather not exploit a love, singer Rihanna is said to be broke. Poor child only has about $20,000 to her name. This is all surfacing after, now ex-accountant Patricia Williams was fired and she says for no good reason, although Rihanna found that most of her money had been missing. Williams denied and Rihanna kicked that ass to the curb. Apparently Rihanna has paid more out of pocket expenses than you would think because her label refused. Hit after hit later here she stands broke. Quennie V won't watch you demise, we'll wait, shit's only gonna get better.

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