Wednesday, December 31, 2008

These Are Sick!

Louboutin for Rodarte...sick sick sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Doe Chee$e

Monday, December 29, 2008

Today's Hotness

Rihanna- Love her shades
Victoria Beckham- Her whole look is hot

Trey Songz- Do I need to even say anything...this is for you Kimmie E lol

Im loving Christina Milian's shoes

Zoe Kravitz

Sunday, December 28, 2008

obama dated my mama

my president smoked tobacco...and he was sexy as hell
credit to theagytators


wats good?
i might spend my new years in brooklyn..yea!
so hows errybody doin? lol
don't you just love home. in between chauffering my grandmother to the mall and going on random double dates with my mom and her fiancee, im getting some much needed "me" time. Me and music have been going steady for a hot minute or should I say music and I...However Ive been having some serious satisfaction issues. I listen to the radio, music blows me (in a bad way). I flip between 95.5, 93.9 and my native 92Q for a fix and I can't get it unless chopped n screwed is on or miss independednt remix is playing and those are party anthems. AHHHHH. my ipod has everything from raekwon to sarah vaughan and i still can't find something to give me that musical orgasm! WTF. Why is this happening to me? Maybe I need to read a book or something or go on a walk, or write a poem, or buy some FEED ME! give me some links or bout to listen to some Drake (remember him??), cuz i just read this post on the vagabond speaks. FEED ME BEATS...or songs actually FEED ME SONGS...ahhhhhh

Friday, December 26, 2008

R.I.P. Eartha Kitt

Over the Holidays Earth Kitt died of colon cancer at the age of 81. She was known cat like features and signature purr. Miss Kitt was also known for being the original Catwoman and singer of "Santa Baby." She also starred in Harriet the Spy and Boomerang. She was a legend and will truly be missed. R.I.P EARTHA KITT.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Issue!

Ya'll better style be reading this dope shit!
Go get the new issue of MissBehave Mag
-Doe Chee$e

Get Hype.....

Yo Kim! How you gona try and fire me (on the low)...I know I am the dead beat dad and all but its the holidays so Ima show my face around these parts and support my child, Queenie for once.

The holiday is wack, Christmas is dead to me lol. I am 20 and the effects off Christmas have worn off. I dont buy anyone presents, I hate Christmas music, and I have a 9 to 5 for the holiday break ( I got bills to pay, why Ima spend my money on present...geez). It doesnt even feel like Christmas man! But Im tryna skip Christmas and get to New Years. Yea I am an alchi on the low and New Years is the time to get it poppin, literally lol. New Years has become a new tradition for me and the celebration has essentially replaced Christmas for me. I mean dont get me wrong, Jesus is the reason for the season but ummmm people so dont celebrate X-mas for him, its all about the presents, the last minute shopping, Fights in the mall parking lot over a space and so on and so on. New Years is the grown person's X-mas. Pop bottles, dance all night, pop more bottles, scream happy new year, boo love for a few, and then pass out. Thats my kinda celebration. So put on ya lil dress, ya pumps, gets your hair did, and reign in the new year right. In the infamous words of Rick James...ITS A CELEBRATION BITCHES.....

-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

u wanna kno what really grinds my gears?

so im sittin here watchin the aristocats, a disney classic on my little ass television set. whoever said tv kills brain cells was right, however i appreciate the deadness of a portion of my brain, it allows me to appreciate the subtleties of children's entertainment. sigh. i know yal remember all of those movies we used to watch, the lion king, lady and the tramp, the sword and the stone (or maybe that one was just me), Aladdin, the jungle book, snow white and the seven dwarfs, the home alones, cinderella (and the brandy version too), mulan, toy story, a bugs life, and the list goes on and on and on and on. being a child with a vcr was so much easier than being a child with no tv. i mean what did everyone do when it was too cold to go outside or too late? you watched tv. it really is great when you think about it. i did read as a child, but tv was like an outlet to your dreams. you could see the places you wanted to travel too, watch the fabulous life of all those mc's out there, you could actually see how rich you planned to get how many hoes money could by, the new mercedes benz, you could see all the shit you wanted to have in your life. some of the things you will later obtain or could never tv is a big buzz kill these days. all i see is reality, well unreality. a huge array of shows dedicated to the vision of nothingness. im tellin yal jesus has to be coming back any day now with this dumb reality bs thats going around. its like iraq, george bush, and reality tv...ALL BUZZ KILLS!!! bring me back to the days where the only tv i saw was not based in any reality, when tv was based on the writers' imagination. i remember when tv could make me love life and hate it all at the same time because drama lived there (to a certain extent) thats why i watch tcm, so i can see that love can not be created commercially and that there was actually a time where there was a complete and beautiful view of love that was not tarnished by the fools they bring on these dumb ass vh1 shows. all in all tv in 2008 was just a reminder of how fucked up the world is. what happened to all those shows and movies we all know and love? what happened? :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

my president is: getting hit in the head with a size 10

W got hit in the head with two shoes...hahahahahaha
how good is that?
i will give him his props and say that he can duck just about anything, shoes, bombs, weapons of mass destruction, al queda(sp)...all that shit.
the first mistake W made, was showing up unannounced. you can't just show up in a foreign country unannounced and don't expect to get something thrown at you. duh
if obama gets shoes thrown at him, i might be a little mad and call it racist, but this, this right here is what i call genius

christmas and the queen

i am so confused as to what to do after classes are over. work? sleep? read? boo love with my nonexistant boo? who knows!? you know how they always say, "home is where the heart is", well "they" are absolutely right. I need to go home in order to feel the christmas spirit because in Richmond I feel spirituallly dead. ever notice how christmas gets less and less exciting as the years go by? One minute your writing down your christmas list like its the new constitution, editing and re-editing, and they next you're off to college with no christmas and no presents! wats up with that? should christmas stop at a certain age? is that logical? isnt the christmas spirit supposed to be carried on through each year of your life? why can't the spirit exist without the buying of presents? our society has commercialized holidays so much to the point that in order to feel something during the hollidays you need to be buying a cheap gift. sometimes i sit back and think about the summer time and how good it is to be in a season that has no major hollidays that require more than attendance at a cookout. shit gets real complex in the winter time. you have school, thanksgiving AND christmas, bad holliday movies, cheesy holliday music, and an intense need to be nestled under a fire with someone you "love". i gotta get out of richmond and find the true meaning of christmas and then ima have to travel again and "find" the meaning of new years in a bottle of smirnof (lol). whatever kind of feelings you have toward the holliday season be sure to make them your own, go to church, have a toast, give a gift, smoke a l...anything will do, just get your spirit back! ashe lol

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Queenie on FAcebook

we want ur face to meet our face on the on the picture and see us!
join the queenie v movement on facebook
u know everyone loves facebook!

queenie, cutie wit tha real phat booty ((the social class))

if i could bitch slap the sh*t out my computer i wud do that sh*t
straight bullish right?
but ive come to u for a purpose...just cuz i fucks wit yal ima put u on to some good good
how about The Social Class?

u kno G5 Clive...(the one who used to write for us, but stopped due to his own selfish reasons jk jk)

well this is his mixtape.

3rd one and counting....and i think im dubbing it a QUEENIE CLASSIC!
and i can do that cuz i run this lol
my favorite song gotta be sex rocks sex to another level
"like water"...classic, def
then i gotta say x-tra credit also rocks my socks
hmmmmm, neva can say goodbye has a good mj sample from his younger days
yea...EVERYTHING forreal
check this shit out tho, it def rocks
and the track MY BLACK PEOPLE...dope
getting on my "journalism shit". the mixtape has a great flow, emerging with an immediate party rocking energy, but later mixes it up with slower meaningful songs, but not toooo serious, dig? I personally believe through deep analysis(lol) that the album is meant to speak to the young people (80s babies). G5 wants us to go back to high school in this album, filling it with lyrics about what you used to do with your friends, what girls you could have fucked, what weed you smoked, you know what im sayin? you do. It builds the bridge from teenager to adulthood, displaying some of the things you left behind and some of the things you keep with you. dig? The flows from G5 and the other featured artists are me! We got TeeThree on Neva Can SAy Goodbye with a humourous Andre3000 type dead poets flow, then of course we have legendary Arafat Yates and everyone else from M1 (all dope), Akzionz (whom i dig) he just has one of them voices, and G5 also gives us a nice taste of some songbirds, E.P (mah nigga) and Carlitta Durand (a soulstar). G5 takes in a variety of different hip hop elements on this record. Taking obvious influence from DC gogo and Baltimore club (we right down the street lol), as well as the southern way of creating catchy chorus' (u kno what i mean). Of course he keeps the DC swag as a dominant, but in this mixtape you can clearly see the influences, but its a nice blend though. I can only say it in one way (no i could probably say it in 50 ways), G5 is that good good, the flair he adds is silly but serious, chill but captivating, a head banger but meaningful. It's like listening to Nas in 2008 with actual "good" beats..the whole package man. love.

download it by clicking on anything that says: the social class OR whatever the fuck else i hyperlinked OR

I Know Its Been Awhile

Hello! I know its been awhile...ok a long ass time but I have been through so much in the last 4 months. Hit by a drunk driver, school, men lol, and some more shit. Plus my computer was broke so I really couldn't do much for Queenie and I'm glad my right hand woman was here to continue our legacy of running this shit lol. Luv ya Kim! But I'm back now and got alot to say about everything......o yea and I got my pc fixed. I will always love Queenie, she is like my child and I have been a neglectful mother.

-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

so its late

so im really hungry and its 5 AM and im trying to decide if i should eat or sleep
eat or sleep...hmmm
im trying not to eat after 12, but Croaker's Spot is callin my name..
o yea croaker's spot is a richmond restaurant located n the historical jackson ward (google it)
the fish is bangin
the cornbread is bangin
the potatoes and the cabbage...also bangin
and i have leftovers
hell eatin it, ive just decided lol...
so i think u all know im a theatre performance major at virginia commonwealth university
we're like the top public school for theatre
and i kinda like landed the role of a century
Roxie Hart in Chicago...
yea im black and have no hair and i landed that role on the mainstage
its groundbreaking and im in shock
maybe u dont care, but i just thought id let u know lol
so ima eat this fish (no homo)
murry chrismus
n shit...
(can i say that?)

theres somethin bout this girl thas from around my way

i finally gave my queenie a little facelift
do u like it?
give me ur feedback..
and i fired the other authors on the low
so dont tell anyone...cuz they don't kno
but forreal tho
queenie has become my illegitimate child
and im payin the child support

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