Monday, February 25, 2008

the glow in the dark mixtape: international swagger

So ya girl got a little present for you and it's called the glow in the dark mixtape. Yeah you know, Lupe Fiasco, Rih-Rih (Rihanna), and Yeezy all in one mixtape, its got so much swag (the good kind lol). I can say that i think it's hot. Here are the tracks in order, some sh*t you know, some sh*t you think you know, and some sh*t you don't...oh yeah N.E.R.D's on here too. It's a nice mix of performance songs you will hear at the best concert since Beyonce lol..or was that Sasha??? Better download it people, you know you won't be at the concert cuz that sh*t's sold out!

Intro 1:17 Mahito Yokota
Locked Away 3:30 Mickey Factz, N.E.R.D.
Gold Watch 4:13 Lupe Fiasco
Good Girl Gone Bad 3:30 Rihanna
Hey Mama (2008 Studio Version) 2:38 Kanye West
Dumb It Down (Live) 3:32 Lupe FiascoS
ell Me Candy 2:46 Rihanna
International Swagger 4:14 Pharrell
Flashing Lights(Remix)exclusive 3:58 Kanye West, Dwele, Colin Munroe
Tape You/Nasty Naughty 7:41 N.E.R.D.
Push Up On Me 3:15 Rihanna
What It Do 3:57 Lupe Fiasco
Hater Family 3:36 PM
I was Waiting For You 2:49 N.E.R.D.
I Wonder Freestyle Live 3:26 Kanye West
Streets On Fire 4:40 Lupe Fiasco
Umbrella (Unplugged) 4:39 Rihanna
Good Night 3:07 Kanye West, Mos Def
Finer Things (Bonus Track) 4:15 Felli Fel, Neyo, Fabolous, Kanye, JD

ohhhh and before I go, my obsession with Flashing Lights is coming to a close, below is the video for the remix, which makes sense. I actuially dig it more than the original song. Listen!

we believe in santogold

So recently I have been following M.I.A. and her crew. I'm sure you've all heard that she's been working with Baltimore's own Blaqstar and with his pro toge RYE-RYE (if you wanna know more about her Google), but enough about them, I'm stuck on Santogold! She's a new artist who has been doing her thing in the music business for some time now. She has been recognized by Rolling Stone as an "artist to watch" for her quirky beats mixed with reggae, hip hop, and techno and her "bizzare approach to lyrics". Santogold, born Santi White has a degree and all that jazz, but still has this youthful swag about her--talk about a role model. Her new single Creator/Les Artistes is popular with music heads everywhere and is perfect for those indie-dont-give-a-damn-hipsters who just love to make "ART". She has toured with M.I.A and even opened for Bjork and has still maintained her own unique sound (she is DIFFERENT than M.I.A)! Her debut album, "I Believe In Santogold" is sure to be hot shit. This Brooklyn girl is on the rise, and we mos def. love her over here.

Check her out on Queenie's playlist, "the playlist movement", she's first! You can also find her music on, just search for Santogold.

the coolest nigga huh?

I would just like to say that I am not deep enough and can clearly not solve the problems facing today's world because I do not understand Kanye's hot ass video, but all you have to do is READ THE LYRICS. I have been reading blog after blog, comment after comment, getting the sweet low down on the deepest shit since Jesus wrote the Bible. Take this comment for example, that I read off of popwatch blog on

"OK people the lyrics state it all... the flashing lights define the good and the bad in his life... she enjoys the money aspect of the life... but the life ultimately got him in trouble... he went to florida... got loose and cheated on his girl... she called and he lied to her and the flashing lights caught him (got flashed by the paprazzi) so he tries to explain why he cheated on her in the second verse and tells her how hard it is... he says at the end of the verse that she cant roam without ceasar which is basically telling us she left him... he says he loves to show off and she never thought he would take it that far(cheating) she burns her clothes cuz it was all a part of the life and she kills him for cheating on her... thats the video people"- Chris

Wow. I am so impressed by America's school systems. Kudos to Bush. If the children in Darfur don't get this video what is going to happen? If Obama isn't this deep he can't possibly win the election!!! Understanding Flashing Lights is crucial! Kanye is deeper than deep. Deeper than deeper than deep. The symbolism he uses in his lyrics are just UH_MA_ZING. (deep breath to escape the sarcasm).

People, people, people! The song is in fact about the paparazzi catching Kanye in the act of cheating...DUH DUH DUH...the whole point is there is no reason for him to be murdered! Is he speaking out against domestic violence, has Kanye become an activist? Maybe he should have killed a paparazzi in the trunk, I could have accepted that. . I'm not anti-Ye, I'm just pro-makingsense.

P.S...i don't think Kanye's that damn deep either he's like a simile not a metaphor, and that is the beauty we get from his music, his ability to stylistically state the obvious with a touch of wit and humor....just READ THE LYRICS

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