Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the truth shall set u free

these are my truths...shit i used to lie to myself about, but have now come to face reality

vogue, harpers, and all those other rags are boring and i use the pictures as wallpaper...

50 dollars is a lot of fucking money

looking good for cheap feels better than looking good for an expensive price

hip hop aint dead

Lil' Wayne lyrically least now

it is ok to wear bamboo earrings with everything

fashion is really really boring...just buy shit u like

i like soldja boy and erykah badu at the same time

if i cant understand what you're talking about, then you're just being extra, overly deep

lame leggings still fucking suck

i hate mariah carey

the 80s is not back....

i dont like ice cream too much

ashay ashay

& the FLASHING LIGHTS saga continues

This has excited me so much! This morning has been officially brightened, regardless of the sun's attitude problem...So this is part II, or like the re-do of video one...So we see girl, who is clearly rich, a model I would assume...right off the bat we can see that she may be a bit of an alchie, considering she makes her egg and toasts with a mixed drink at her side (and its only like 2 pm). So all while she's eating I'm waiting for her to go puke it up..but she never does..then she goes partying, fucks kanye i think (not a bad deal), and then somewhere in there goes down a dark musty alley, drunk as shit and gets mugged and raped--and to think I thought she was buying cocaine...This makes more sense to me, it has everything to do with "she dont believe in shootin stars, but she believes in shoes n cars.." YEP, the party life aint what its cracked up to be type shit...yea right. On a side note it looks like something a VCU art student would make...kudos to kanyeezy



G-Five Clive PRESS

Queenie V's very own G-Five Clove...i mean Clive (that was a typo that I decided to keep because it was funny hee hee) aka completer of my soul (inside joke) aka lil' Clive (sike naw) was featured in another blog! YAY! All cuz of his hot ass musica...and he shouted out Queenie and your very own Kimmie E...yea im hype, check it out sons!

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