Sunday, June 29, 2008

I won I won I wonnnnnnnnnnnn (sticks tounge out)

(sing to the tune of "bust it baby") I won a teeee shirt from around the way girls...a hot ass bomb ass tee...cant believe i won a tee shirt a hot ass tee shirt, that they're gonna mail to kimmie e, u kno that its my tee shirt BAYBAY...and everybody know that its my TEE SHIRT..BAYBAY

..YAY kim!

queenie on myspace

queenie is on myspace and has been on myspace for a long ass muhfu**in time...i just decided that i would re-inform you of our alternate whereabouts..


i have taken the liberty to revamp our entire ish, make it so fresh and so clean and so...queenie..yes? add us:
P.S. if you don't add us, you are so not our real friends!

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