Tuesday, December 16, 2008

u wanna kno what really grinds my gears?

so im sittin here watchin the aristocats, a disney classic on my little ass television set. whoever said tv kills brain cells was right, however i appreciate the deadness of a portion of my brain, it allows me to appreciate the subtleties of children's entertainment. sigh. i know yal remember all of those movies we used to watch, the lion king, lady and the tramp, the sword and the stone (or maybe that one was just me), Aladdin, the jungle book, snow white and the seven dwarfs, the home alones, cinderella (and the brandy version too), mulan, toy story, a bugs life, and the list goes on and on and on and on. being a child with a vcr was so much easier than being a child with no tv. i mean what did everyone do when it was too cold to go outside or too late? you watched tv. it really is great when you think about it. i did read as a child, but tv was like an outlet to your dreams. you could see the places you wanted to travel too, watch the fabulous life of all those mc's out there, you could actually see how rich you planned to get how many hoes money could by, the new mercedes benz, you could see all the shit you wanted to have in your life. some of the things you will later obtain or could never obtain...man tv is a big buzz kill these days. all i see is reality, well unreality. a huge array of shows dedicated to the vision of nothingness. im tellin yal jesus has to be coming back any day now with this dumb reality bs thats going around. its like iraq, george bush, and reality tv...ALL BUZZ KILLS!!! bring me back to the days where the only tv i saw was not based in any reality, when tv was based on the writers' imagination. i remember when tv could make me love life and hate it all at the same time because drama lived there (to a certain extent) thats why i watch tcm, so i can see that love can not be created commercially and that there was actually a time where there was a complete and beautiful view of love that was not tarnished by the fools they bring on these dumb ass vh1 shows. all in all tv in 2008 was just a reminder of how fucked up the world is. what happened to all those shows and movies we all know and love? what happened? :(

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