Friday, February 13, 2009

For the Love of Ray J: i think this girl is cool

HOWEVER...even though I think she's cool because she has a big ass tattoo on her face, this bi*ch is saying she is PREGO wit Ray J's baby AND that her and Ray J were "making love" a week into filming and had been "making love" ever since...if this girl doesn't win then Ray J is trife and REALITY tv is officially fake (i guess i need even more examples of its fakeness lol)

reasons for el hiatus

I know, I know, but I haven't had internet in forever AND to top it off, my kitten Biggie Biggie Smalls has been shittin everywhere because he's sick (boooo). Now I have internet. yay. However I'm going to continue to mooch off of Virginia Union's internet because it's only right. Let's talk. I'm really pissed off at my computer. It's such a piece of shit. I am thankful for it, but damn DELL what kind of product are you giving us these days. It does this typing thing where I'll be writing a word and then it will start typing that letter in another word...its such a piece of SHIT! wtf...Shit. anyway. ima be back in business. trust and believe. jus give me a chance. times are hard, internet is low...cyberspace is on pause. ttyl

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