Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twitter for Dummies

ok ok we the best...maybe i sound a little like khalid, but we ARE. I have noticed that everyone has a blog now even though everyone had a blog like ten years ago. But now !EVERYONE has a blog about nothing. Even Hoogiebob from 'round the way has a blog. Geesh. competition competition...but we been doin' this for a while my friends and that is why we are the best amatuers. Yay! First place? yes? yes!

getting to the point of this post

ive been thinking about investing my time in twitter. what do you think? so first I had to ask myself what in the hell is twitter and how do i get to it? well i go to of course and then twitter told me that what it does is it asks me what im doing-at all times. Then I asked it why? and it said "people may give a fuck about what im doing at all times" and i said "cool". then the twitter asked me to ask it "how?" and it said "just sign up" i did. I tried to get kimmie e, but that was taken. The I tried to get Queenie V but that was Then I tried multiple variations of Kimmie E and it did not work so I took an alter ego of mine (which I just realized was an alter ego) Andrea thats my name andrea3thou. I've decided to follow 50 cent, al gore, ashton kutcher and some guy named will...and some how I've ran into Radio Rose. This might be better than portable aim!

so uh Twitter me...maybe we can party or sumthin lol

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