Thursday, October 22, 2009

using the sites for success

1. This site not only keeps you informed on what Obama is doing in the white house, but also gives you news about everything WE love, fashion, art, theatre, books, music! Everything that could ever be important to you can be found here, written in an eloquent fashion from the world's most beautiful, vibrant city, NEW YORK! Who doesn't love Vogue? Who doesn't love Anna Wintour? Who doesn't love Andre Leon Talley? Vogue gives you insight to the latest fashion trends and trendsetters. Get hip to the lavish fashion party scene and look at hot net pics of your favorite designers, models, and entertainers get jiggy in style. (did i just say jiggy?)

3. Ok so maybe I have a little tiny obsession with everything NY. The New Yorker, the world's most famous literary magazine offers you fiction, humor, and essays in the comfort of your own laptop. How convenient right? If you ever feel like delving into the deep corners of your imagination without footing the mag bill, check out this site.

4. Barney...I think purple dinosaur, but if I want to fool people into thinking I'm more than just a college student with a good haircut, I type this into my browser. Barney's has EVERYTHANG in all of those magazines you drool over! It's like Saks on crack ya'll! Too bad I can't buy anything, but it's not a sin to dream is it?

5. I understand that anyone who has a brain, a working heart, and blood pumping through their body has one of these, but it's HOW you have it--Meaning a sleek photo, awesome wordplay, witty puns, Shakespearean calliber metaphors, gorg profile pic, and clever "about me". O and did I forget to mention you can only have the curse words damn and hell? If your twitter meets all of these requirements (mine doesn't you are chic my friend. Le chic!

6. Food is awesome! Calories are gifts from God! Ok so maybe calories are not the most desired things on this planet, but we do need them and this blog shows you how to use them wisely. Good taste is something essential to a life full of bounty and happiness. Get with it people! Good eats accounts for a good attitude!

7. Kanye has been a little crazy lately. I mean that whole thing with Taylor Swift, his bald headed girlfriend (whom I love), new drinking habit, and alleged "death" have all added to his image and that ladies and gents is why we must hang onto every word he says and use it as gospel! Yeezy has archetecture, technology, fashion, music...damn near EVERYTHANG! Add him to your daily life...I'll make a memo to add him too.

8. Blogs are the new brain! People post their entire lives on blogs and it's always considered the "cool thing to do", so get down with the get down and post your innermost feelings on the net. It's like selling your soul sci-fi style.

9. Hip Hop is hip if you ain't no my nig. I mean forreal tho invoking the typical hip hop scholar type sterotype in this entry is mad dope to me son. If you dig this kinda real talk I suggest you check this site every chance you get. Cuz forreal everything on this site is comin from a forreal place, feel me dog? Ok I'm done pressing the stereotype forward. Hip Hop news go here...and speaking of Hip Hop check out for mixtapes, you gotta get the latest Gucci right? RIGHT?

10. nuff said!

MJ was always cool to me

Rih Rih: Russian Roulette

eff wit it, she's rih rih...that has some weight, its almost like saying that's beyonce, oops did i say that? And does anyone else think this is about chris brown...o yea he was at our local qdoba a few weeks back, he still livin the VA high life!

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