Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crack Fiend: T-shirt Edition

Crack Fiend is a feature that shows you what Kim and I are obssessed with at the moment. My obsession has always been t-shirts. From Wonder Woman to a cupcake, I have about 100 t-shirts. I know kinda ridiculous right....Noooooo! hahaha T-shirts can express how your feeling with words or just make some one smile awwwwww...ok thats enough lol. Some of our favorite t-shirts here come from Johnny Cupcakes, Hot topic, and Married to the Mob. T-shirts can be paired with skinny jeans and heels, sweats and sneakers, and even a skirt. You can rock a tee with anything and they are so damn comfortable!

For some kick ass t-shirts try:

-Doe Cheese

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