Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gone For Awhile, But Im Back Again

Yea I haven't been around these parts in awhile, but Queenie has always been in the back of my mind. I have been on the grind tryna start new projects and ventures. Gotta t-shirt line coming out this fall, changed my major and my hair like 3 times, been on my college girl shit, and dealing wit wack asses in my life. I still talk shit about people, give you info you need to know, and hit you with hot shit. I'm back pay attention tricks.


love this

ok here comes the one liner fuck and go sentence...
i love this bag...ciao bella

im diggin u baby

So I got some more interviews coming your way to you faithful few who keep supporting and want to know about some of the baddest muhfukkas out there (other than me) who are doin their thang. AS the HBIC at queenie or the OB (only bitch) I think it is important that i keep givin u the illest sickest new shit stay tuned!

Since I've been gone I've moved into a new house, got a heavenly bed, and ate a good ass porkchop (mmm mmm mmm), ive also taught a Hispanic girl (my biotch genny-pictured right w/ yours truly) how to make hood kool aide, and exposed her to what raw bacon looks like..weird huh..well it gets weirder, Ive developed a thrifty shopping habit at I've bought two unneeded lamps for less than 10 dollars, and some Armani tortoise shell glasses..good shit huh? I've also managed to fall in love with the 90s group digable planets...why they never became bigger than life, the world will never know...and since I'm the imeem que---eeeen I have provided you with a healthy sample of what I listen to when I'm not doing my work...@ work....
Digable Planets

tag ur it muhfukkkaaaa

Sorry people. I've been in the sweatshop (aka rehearsal)...It appears as though I've been "tagged", not the facebook tag, but the blogspot tag...its mad complex. This is the layout.

1. Link the person who tagged you…
2. Mention the rules in your blog…
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

1.ima get to it
2. mention the rules in my blog...hmmm NO BITCHASSNESS...that should sum everything up
3. 6 quirks of mine...(thinking face is on). OK, one, I shop at like ebay for poor people..good shit! Two, I have stomach fat that I grab at least once a day-in fun, even though i secretly wish that i could get it lipo-sucked out of me lol, Three, I can consume insane amounts of food in a day, if given a full refridgerator. Four, i love musical theatre! Five, Biggie makes me want to slap a bitch and therefore he is my favorite 90s rapper lol. Six, im nice-sometimes, not too savory of a trait lol
4. ima get to that shit lata
5. whoa now..niggas got jobs n shit. i cant comment right now lol...can i give an iou?

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