Sunday, January 3, 2010

Womp Womp

So Rihanna has a book coming out June 29th...ummm
*blank stare*
The book is call Rihanna: The Last Girl On Earth
and it will only cost all you Rih Rih lovers $50
This book will more than like have hella pics and 3 words...
And I'm over it....lls

the dichotomy of amber rose

Or should i say Ambaaaa Rose? We have put endless pics of this girl on this here, Queenie V, her flaws, her hot ass outfits, even her questionable relationship, but there is always more. Besides being a bisexual, bald-headed, Amazon, Amber Rose is a street talking, ciggie smoking, MUTE! Or so we thought until I heard that she sounds like a Baltimore chick walking to Lexington Market trying to catch a hack while snackin on a bag on gizzards (but i guess that's ok because she grew up in the hood of south philly)! It is a shame that I have to google "Amber Rose Voice" in the search box. I mean does Kanye demand her silence? Did he Chris Brown her ass? I have never even seen her open her mouth, so its gotta be rachet in there! (Ever shut ur mouth for mad long? when u open it, its crazy!) All I'm saying is that either she is chewing on an everlasting gobbstopper that's mint flavored or her breath is rockin'! If you are a Queenie follower which I'm sure you are NOT, you will remember that I did in fact post a sex talk of the bish explaining her freaky ways, and when I googled "Amber Rose Voice" all that came up were "Amber Rose talks sex with..." I'm just waiting for her to open her mouth and become quotable. I mean think about it, she has the popularity, she even has the clothes, shit Kanye could even put her on a track! (Jay did it)

But folks I'm not trying to bash Amber or Kamber for that manner ( I call her my Biggie-Me), I'm just saying that I want to see more of her, well HEAR more from her in 2010, so that I don't think she's got a mint stuck up there or a moth ball. lol.

i love the chick, i think shes gorge and her style is ridiculous..i just want to hear her!!! Speak up chica! (click on the amba with hair pic for her complex mag interview)

and it begins..............

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