Monday, December 10, 2007

Mario @ Love Nightclub this Thursday

This summer I remember Kimmie E calling saying we have to go to Love, we have to go to Love! I asked why must we go to an overcrowded nightclub Kim. Mario is gona be there! she replies lol Well anyway his performance was really good and he is gona be at Love Nightclub in D.C. again this Thursday. So get your booties down there and support a great artist.

- Doe Chee$e

Eye Candy of the Week: Lupe Fiasco

A rapper that inspires his listeners to think, Lupe Fiasco has his own genuine type of swag. Not to mention Miss Kimmie E meet him personally! Can we say AMAZING! Keep doing ya thing man!
-Doe Chee$e

Word on the Street: Double O

Barack Obama election campaign is being supported by one of the most influential people in the 21 century, Oprah Winfrey. She has even been on the road with the Chicago senator. Ummm so I think he might just win lol. You know everybody loves Oprah.
- Doe Chee$e

So We Match Now! Jay and B

Ok so I hate when couples match...but in away this is very secret agent/Mr. and Mrs. Smith lol

-Doe Chee$e

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