Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say What?!?!

Married To The Mob,
a popular woman's street wear brand has now introduce a men's wear line.
The model sporting there brand is rapper, Curren$y.
I really like this shirt in the photo because it is a quote from Jay-Z "Girls, Girls, Girls."
"I got this mob bitch that don't cook or clean, but she dress her ass of and her walk is mean."
The bf needs to get this, its so fitting lol
Wish them much success.....


A Facebook phone?
Ummmm.......if this is real they definitely ripped the Apple iPhone off lol.

Nails Did

Flinstone nails

Spiffy tuxedo nails lol

Starry night nails

Watermelon nails

Adidas nails
Its a new season and Fall is all about being fashion forward.
Ladies don't forget your nails....definitely a major part of your fall wardrobe.
Get those nails done!

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