Sunday, February 15, 2009

tips n thangs

i wanted to take this time out to say that i miss doe cheese, havent seen her in like forever...o happy belated valentines day to all. mine sucked, i worked at my restaurant and i kept getting bonquisha and tyrone and their bastard child ray'qwon (i have said this about 60 times over the past 2 days). Racist right? Well no. Let me explain. I am a black woman and i love love LOVE my black people, but often times when they come into a restaurant bonquisha "forgets" that the standard tip is 20% these days (if u don't know, now you know), not less than 15%!!! i am tired of waiting on my black brothas and sistas and being left 5 dollas on a 65 dolla check! Why can't we just humble ourselves and give to the servers! we get paid less than 3 dollas an hour ya'll! Give GIVE GIVE. if you get bad service thats ONE thing, but if jane and bob at table two gave me 15 on 25 and wrote "great service" on the top of their check but bonquisha and tyrone left me 2 dollas on 35, what do u want me to think about u? that you're trife? YES! HOWEVER there are many many many african american patrons that come in and tip beautifully! My highest tip was from a YOUNG black couple. All im trying to say is as a people we need to do better. we need to pick up the pieces; stop complainin about shit, stop running the hell out of our servers for "fruit punch, extra dressing, and honey mustard" and stop being trife on the tip. racial profiling is REAL and it is not always the majority's fault, sometimes the fault is resting within us. so if you can't tip don't go out. if u talkin about how u ballin on facebook and got a nice whip, then don't be selfish. PAY WHAT YOU OWE! appreciate the services given to you. Change the way black people are viewed in today's restaurant world. TIP YO' SERVA!

im glad we don't carry this

im done do be makin cake tho' don't get it twisted lol

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