Monday, December 7, 2009

If I Only Had A Daughter

Christian Louboutin is super official already but when you get a Barbie....well damn!

I'd so buy this if it wasn't $150 lol

Vanessa and Angela Simmons Cover Honey Mag

Love these girls...truly Fab


I know .......not the best combo lol

Ummm ok?

So fellas I ask this question again...

This is how a bad bitch should dress and look?

umm ok lol
Corsets and liquid leggings are all the rage in 2010 hahaha

Girl Get Ya Nails Did

Kelis, Angela Simmons, & Rihanna
This is hot...classic Chanel


Amber Rose

The last two photos are Katy Perry's nails and both sets are sick!

My nails have to be done at all times......Align Center
So let these pics inspire you ladies and get ya nails did

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