Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a letter to the public

dear queenie valentine reader,

i know i have been away for sometime now and for that i am sorry. :( However I am full of logical excuses. WORK And SCHOOl..and SOCIAL life or what's left of it. AND not to forget my internet was acting like it was on some serious crack. I had to sit on the phone with Dell, while some foreign man explained to me in almost perfect English that I had to re-buy a warranty for the third time in order for them to fix my internet problem! Ugh...technology can be so ridiculous sometimes. I'm going to try my best to keep up with the Jones' and keep ur wondering bright minds entertained. lol. While I've been gone some interesting things have happened:both party conventions, the VMA's (which i quickly wrote about last night), classes began, i quit one of my jobs, i made my first ebay purchase on my roomates computer, and i dont know of anything else because im being so so so ANTI and so self absorbed into my own life that i forget to google and find out a lil sumin sumin bout rih rih, britney, and some new brooklyn rap group...i have now come back to work. look forward for new ish..and bare with me plz

kimmie e

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