Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I wanna work for DIDDY?

Another reality show! YES YES YES! And it's surrounding Diddy--no he's not making another band THANK GAWD, he is now allowing innocent humans to have the once in a lifetime chance to work for him and DAMMIT its dramatic...like too hot for tv dramatic! Like macaroni and cheese dramatic with like 5 cheeses dramatic! Like dave chappelle black KKK member dramatic..aight im trippin...but stay tuned for this, im ready to really laugh at how unrealistic Diddy treats his modern day slaves...premieres August 5th on VH1..i think (google that shit)

O and what's the prize? You get to be Diddy's personal assistant, which makes you an ASS cuz you apparently get treated like shit...but you do get hella perks...hmmm

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