Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tragic: Barbie Nation

I am so over this Barbie sh*t!

Nicki Minaj has created a nation of barbies and it ain't pretty!

And I'm sure this only a few.....more to come

Epic fail

Walk That Walk

I am obsessed with platforms at the moment
( I mean you would be to if you were only 5 ft even)

And it don't get no better than these.....

Gian Lorenzi Platforms

Morning Cup a' Joe

Good morning, hope your sleeps went well for you!!! After much
consideration, calculations, concentration, and (I can't think of
another C word), but after all of that I have decided that I am ready
for 2010 to be my year. I don't know exactly what I want from it, but I
know that I WANT and NEED...that's a good beginning right? I thought so.
I feel like my dealings with God have been growing on a consistent basis
and despite my wonderfully horrible flaws we're still ace boon coons!
He's there to serve as a provider, so why not ask for the stuff you
want, take steps to make it happen, and watch God do the rest? I mean of
course you give thanks and try to do the right thing, but God makes ways
for everyone, know it or not. Its all about being pro-active and living
for what you have at the moment not complaining about your have-nots. As
a college student I am always around people who have more than I do who
complain about what little they have and am also around people who have
less than me and I stare in their faces complaining about what I don't
have. Lets just give it a rest and know that despite all of it, I'm not
going to ever be living in Monroe Park (God willing) or sleeping on a
bench in Harlem, unless its by choice lol. So go out there and take what
you have and make it work and by doing that something better is bound to
come your way...regardless of your faith.

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