Monday, December 13, 2010


Noir jewelry and DC comics have teamed up to bring the masses some slick ish!
The new jewelry collabo focuses on the heroines and lady villains featured in some of our favorite comics such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Cat Woman, and Supergirl.
The gorg collection is available of and
and is priced rather reasonably at $60-250.
Furthermore, the collaboration is due to bring forth more amazing pieces featuring Harley Quinn, Green Lantern and Poison Ivy.


Super uber fab stylist June Ambrose will be on a tv set near you soon!!!!
VH1 is shooting a reality show with none other then the rockmom herself, June Ambrose and I am so damn excited. The show will show Ambrose's hectic life of stylind, running an her own styling firm, and being a mom.
Congrats Ms. betta work (shakes finger vigorously)
P.S. Ladies please take notes on her fashion game...some of ya'll broads need to be schooled.

Back To Black....

As the saying goes "all black everythang." Wearing all black is easy to, you can add pops of color like red, and black comes in so many textures such as fur, leather, and denim. You can also throw some many complimenting fashions on with black such as leopard, studs, sequins. The possibilities are freaking endless. CLASSIC


I have realized I never put pics of myself on QV so here ya go...a rare glimpse of me.
I've been feeling all black attire lately. I usually throw in a leopard platform or maybe a red lip, something to make the look more that I think about it I wore all black for my entire 10th grade year in high school lol
Anywho, these will be the last pics of me at any ones club seeing as though I am sick of that whole scene.
The whole getting spiffy for one night just to get hit on by unattractively desperate men and to wake up with a headache the size of Georgia due to over-intoxication is a tad played to me. I guess I have grown out of my club kid phase (years 16-22 is a long ass phase lol), it has all become so lame and unnecessary to me.
Family, friends, relationships are the bonds that truly matter and the little things like a really good meal or great enlightning convo or stupid frifolis convo, and time with the lovies or a lazy sunday with the bestie I get older those little things are becoming more and more important.
Good day world! Be Blessed and live life!

Mighty Morphing......

Power Rangers lol

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