Wednesday, September 17, 2008

why facebook is spinning out of control by kimmie e

i can see EVERYTHING you do...and it creeps me out. It also creeps me out because on your news feed you can see everything that i'm doing. So CREEPY. And am I trippin' or have the status' gone completely out of control. Sucks. DAMN YOU addiction!!!!


I often sit back and think about the "L" word. No, not "lesbian" you stupids, LOVE lol. Yes Love, the word we hold so close to our hearts, or we believe that it in itself is the only function our hearts provide (forgetting the whole circulation of blood to sustain life thing). I love LOVE and I love being in love, but I no longer feel the love. Where is the LOVE people and if you know where it is tell me what 1-800 number I can call to get me some of that truth. dig? Whenever I am not in love, lust, or just casually talking to some nigga fool,  I feel like i'm missing out on this big secret. You know those times when you come home after this bomb ass party and brotha you used to talk to was lookin right, but you just don't have the balls to give his ass a call, so you sit in your house while you watch your roommates go galavanting into the night sky in pursuit of some good lovin' or lustin'...whatever. As Americans we are constantly reminded that if we find that one special person everything will miraculously be OK. Will love make it OK? Or will love just blind us?

Maybe the reason why people love LOVE so much is because it blinds them from reality. It can be good to some or bad to some. As an artist I feel that an escape from reality is a release and an allowance to create your own reality. Its deep ya'll. Being in love is being humble, being aware of a person's flaws, but acceptant of them, being open for anything and most importantly being in love is taking a risk. So with allllll that said I encourage you to love. Take a risk and pursue love, be loved, break the barriers down. Don't be afraid of rejection, be afraid of being numb. You only live once, (unless you believe in reincarnation, then you only live THIS life once).

peace people
love freely :)

black people also like TYLER PERRRY

like duh

how could i forget the countless hours I have spent memorizing scenes from Madea's Blah Blah Blah..
My people love this wretchedness, but I can't even lie Madea is too funny. lol

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