Sunday, December 28, 2008

obama dated my mama

my president smoked tobacco...and he was sexy as hell
credit to theagytators


wats good?
i might spend my new years in brooklyn..yea!
so hows errybody doin? lol
don't you just love home. in between chauffering my grandmother to the mall and going on random double dates with my mom and her fiancee, im getting some much needed "me" time. Me and music have been going steady for a hot minute or should I say music and I...However Ive been having some serious satisfaction issues. I listen to the radio, music blows me (in a bad way). I flip between 95.5, 93.9 and my native 92Q for a fix and I can't get it unless chopped n screwed is on or miss independednt remix is playing and those are party anthems. AHHHHH. my ipod has everything from raekwon to sarah vaughan and i still can't find something to give me that musical orgasm! WTF. Why is this happening to me? Maybe I need to read a book or something or go on a walk, or write a poem, or buy some FEED ME! give me some links or bout to listen to some Drake (remember him??), cuz i just read this post on the vagabond speaks. FEED ME BEATS...or songs actually FEED ME SONGS...ahhhhhh

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