Wednesday, July 2, 2008

allow me to introduce me

wale is the new 20.

"the mixtape about nothing" is a damn good mixtape by any standard

if you dont know about wale, you should...he's a Maryland/DC native made locally famous through is go-go tracks "breakdown" and some other shit i can't remember (i'm from baltimore-so sue me). I thought he was wack at first, but then he took this "i can rap good now" pill and it worked! yay! The mixtape features weezy f. baby on the track nike boots, and he also has this bomb ass club rap song thingy, which he dedicated to my city! yay! and it has samples from Seinfeld on it! yay! so download it HERE! yay! or you can just click on the picture...yay?

also check out his blog:

the forgotten posters that used to hang on your wall...1st edition

o' town (the original making the band, they probably weren't on my wall)
3LW (now the cheetah girls, minus the brown one )
the lox
504 Boyz

Cleopatra (Comin' At cha)



Ok, so I know that Bow Wow is a sexy, yet short, mufu*ka and if your too dope to admit that, then...your just not dope at all. HOWEVER, a lot of the stuff he does with his life is stupid and completely un-dope. FOR EXAMPLE (notice how I'm yelling...) I was randomly googling him today at work and clicked on his website, and then noticed that this negro has his own STORE of BOW WOW paraphernalia! WHAT? Whoever bought this hoodie for $49.95 plus shipping and handling is walking around looking like a fool. I would ask all of the readers to be on the look out for any foolish person parading around in BOWnalia, and if you find them, make a citizens ARREST and then start a petition to fire his publicist! click here to see more nonsense

iPhone 3G not compatible with acrylic nails!!!! the horror

Haven't we all just had enough of this blasted touch shit! How in the hell am I supposed to enjoy the wonders of touch screen with acrylics on my fingers? huh? can you answer that question APPLE? Heat sensitive touch screen? Give me a break! Am I supposed to cheat the Koreans out of their money all for the sake of looking flyer than the next bitch at the parlay? Am I really supposed to believe that the creation of the alleged "iPhone" (what the ipod is calling itself these days after it got too smart and started answering your phone calls by accident) was not racially charged?! 3G's for 199, what kind of crazy shit is that? Software installation for your PHONE? I'm confused just thinking about it. I just learned the odds and ends of MAC last year and now I'm supposed to use software on a phone? Lets go back to the days where having a blackberry was fly and having a nokia was standard...whatever happened to snake? I know you guys know what i'm talking about...that shit was mad fun, and it wasn't even color...or maybe we should all get nextel..remember the beep beep, chirp chirp, whatever you called incoming and walkie talkie...sigh all nail compatible

7 year old steals car..muahahahahahaha

everyone in america should be forced to watch this tape..muahahahahaha
could you steal a car at age 7? could you steal a car now?
nope...not unless you like to do "hoodrat things"
kids these days, i tell ya

I Want That! Rich Girl Edition

Maltipoo puppyMac Book

2008 Mercedes G-Wagon

Christian Louboutins Numero Prive

Cotro Moltedo Cassette Handbag

If I was a rich would be even sweeter.
-Doe Chee$e

Star Wars....revamped?

Some of you may know this already, but for those who don’t…..I’m a huge STAR WARS fan! First movie I ever saw in life so why wouldn’t I be. I even skipped a day of school in the 11th grade to go see it…..YES IT WAS THAT SERIOUS lol Well yesterday I was on NY Times website and I read an article about George Lucas and how he plans to continue the Star Wars legacy. On August 15, Mr. Lucas plans to release the Clone Wars, an animated movie based around Star Wars. Clone Wars is basically a continuum of Star Wars’ characters and concepts featuring new places and creatures. He is also working on an animated Clone Wars series that will be on Cartoon Network. George Lucas says he has been working on this movie and series since 2002 and can’t help but continue in the path of Star Wars because it is his first love.

Ok I know I sound like a complete dork, but I am kinda apprehensive about this new venture. The Star Wars series is so epic, how could he add any more ideas in the mix. Wouldn’t that just complicate things? I mean Star Wars is already complex enough to some people. George Lucas said himself that he does not know how it will be received and would be happy if it grossed $100 million in total. I guess we will just have to what and see.

-Doe Chee$e

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