Friday, December 21, 2007

New Mama: Operation Saigon Sunset

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Kimmie E's Christmas List (via text,aim, or email)

1. Supras...apparently they are way hot everywhere but here, but I want some-preferably gold, but you know what, I don't think they come in girls! o well (from my rich drug dealin' sneaker head boo)

2. Gift certificate to first experience with the place was quite boring considering I was broke, not really my style clothing wise (think upscale h&m that costs twice as much), but the shoes are fuckin ridiculous (from my DC/NY boo)

3. Subscription to a foreign mag...I go to Barnes and Noble in my spare time to skim the mag racks and foreign subscriptions cost a "mova" (shout outs to the bmore "v") but they are mad interesting and can make you edgier than the next bitch (from my multi-cultural boo)

4. The itouch...self explanatory (from my arts & technology major boo)

5. The Cool...Lupe's greatest work yet (besides the o so epic mixtapes) and I'm too damn cheap to buy it. I mean why, when there's imeem and youtube and ruckus and limewire. Ok ok ok maybe I'll buy it to support the art, but I'd rather get it (from my aspiring rapper boo)

6. Ridilin (is that how you spell it?) for my kitten. People, Orbie Exum-Skoff (the kittens name) is off the damn chain! He be wylin son! Jumpin on my moms face, walkin on water and shit, shittin all over the walls and shit lol...(from my pharmacist boo)

7. Metalic lame wave cap for my new-new dew (from my bisexual boo)

8. A box of traditional gormet mint candy canes because they are so hard to find (from my fly-fly

9. A lifetime supply of cinnabuns. You know you crave them! They're like a rare animal and when you see one in a mall, you pounce! All the cinnamony, frosting goodness makes my toes curl lmao. Stop frontin' you know you'd be mad happy if someone gave you this! (from my "chubby" boo)

10. A christmas card (from my real boo) awww.

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