Wednesday, October 15, 2008

new B!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so let me start by saying Beyonce is a diva, she is going to be a legend, and she is unbelievable amazing and fan-fucking-tastic. HOWEVER, if you havent heard already, she stole that "if i were a boy" song, from a young up and coming named, BC Jean ( I like the white chick's version better, but B's video is sensational, kudos to her director. Same with "Single Ladies", im not really a party type chick when it comes to my music, but the video is well done, high energy, youthful...its everything! (NOTE: madonna used to do this time of treo dancing all the time, so B is not the first). I do love Beyonce, i mean I bought her damn concert on DVD, however, she gets annoying at times because everything is so very shallow. I'm waiting for her to evolve into her next phase as an artist, to actually become an artist and to stray away from "the performer". I want her to mooveeeeeeeee me! Is that so much to ask?

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