Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Ain't The Same

So the other day my 5 year old god son Jayden asked me what my fav cartoons used to be when I was younger and it took me awhile but they all came back to me. I told him he missed out on Nick Jr and One Saturday Morning...well at least when they were the shit lol So I dedicate this post to my little man and here are some of my fav cartoons from the good old days. I have to many favs so I will post more tomorrow.

-Doe Chee$e

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where Are You Yeezy?

Complex magazine dubbed the Air Yeezy, the sneaker collabo between Kanye West and Nike as the most anticipated sneaker of the year.........
damn that's a big honor
-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sneak Peek....

"Where The Wild Things Are" is being turned into a movie and I am too hype...
this was like one of my fav books!

Let's Talk Mags!

Nicole in Black Book Mag.....can you say dope.

This spread is ill and I love Nicole Richie!

Kanye On Complex....I'm liking it.
It's futuristic but kind of creepy lol

The young and the restless...

Damn Lil Romeo! All grown up and hooping for USC!

And Omarion got hitched to this Magic city stripper/lesbo.
Damn is that a new trend now!
-Doe Chee$e

Friday, March 20, 2009


Eric Carle

Ya'll Know I Love Shoes....

Especially ones I can't afford lol Christian Louboutin and Barney's collaborated to manke a beautiful shoe...a $995 shoe. These are ill!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Disney's new film "The Princess and the Frog" is their first Black Disney Princess. But people are getting all fired up and angry when shown who her Prince is. The above pic features Princess Tiana and her love, Prince Naveen of Maldonia. Some people think the Prince is white, but he just looks like a light skinned brother too me. Drama Drama Drama...controversy! lol Aside from the controversy this is causing I am glad there is finally a Black Disney princess...I'm just made I am about to be 21 and it took this damn long!

In other cartoon news lmao The Cleveland Show is slated to hit the air in the Fall and will be feature Kanye West as a guest star. Kanye will play an up and coming MC named Kenny West lmao. I can't wait for this damn show!

-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ok Geraldine. I'm updating it for you hun. but later tho. lol. i even gave u ur own category.

Monday, March 16, 2009

These Are Truly Gorgeous...

Nike 2009 Skinny Super High Dunk
-Doe Chee$e

Today's Hotness

Kelis' Baby Bump...I heard its a boy!

Rih Rih back to her old self?
I'm loving the nails and skinnies

And of course this fab pair hitting up
the Metropolitan Opera Anniversary Gala in NYC
-Doe Chee$e

miami update

so im in the airport with a delayed flight. but we missed our previous flight SOMEHOW. no i stop in ATL and then FINALLY in richmond, va. God I just want to touch down into my bed. pics later. geesh

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Im a Sucker for Labels!

Massimo Gammacurta came up with these fashion logo lollipops in different flavors....
ya'll know I'm a sucker for fashion!

Can we say expensive taste.....
-Doe Chee$e

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dream Love vs. Money

The Dream new CD, Love vs Money drops today I think. So far I like 5 songs, they would rock in the club. "Put It Down" and "Rockin that Thang" are my favs. Go see what I am talking about and check it out man....

When did the Dream and Christina Milian start dating and WHY THE HELL IS SHE A BLONDE!!!

-Doe Chee$e

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Damn Kanye...


-Doe Chee$e

If I Was A Rich Girl...

I am a sneakerhead at heart but.....
Idk how to feel about these joints...they are ill but wtf would I wear them with.

Christian Louboutin Satin and Leather Pumps......
its like an ill ballet slipper but grown and sexy!

YSL Satin Peep Toe...
these remind me of Barbie and who don't wana be a barbie!

Brian Atwood pumps...sick!!!

Ok so yea u can't talk about shoes with out having a hot ass bag
Chanel Spring/Summer 09 handbags are hot!
For the gang banger in you!

Pink and metallic...how can you go wrong!

Classic wit a twist....

If I was a rich girl with daddy's credit card on a Saturday afternoon at Tyson's it would be on. I would cop it all....ahhh to dream!
-Doe Chee$e

-Doe Chee$e

This Guy...

Seeing as though my better half/ bestie Kimmie E is on South Beach right now ( have a shot of tequila for me), I thought is was interesting to hear some craziness come out of Miami last night. Last night in Miami at LIV nightclub, Joaquin Phoenix hurled himself of the stage into the crowd to confront a heckler! I guess he finally got tired of people laughing at his rap skills! LMAO!!!
Like wow wtf really happened to this guy. Joaquin Phoenix doesn't even look the same, he used to be kind of hot! First he does weird one word interviews on Letterman and instead of continuing to be a phenomenal actor...he wants to be a rapper! Mr. Phoenix doesn't want to be a singer, like in Walk the Line where he depicts Johnny Cash and actually does a great job, but a Hip hop artist. Am I the only one who finds this bizarre. He even frequents karaoke bars to show off his rap skills. This is too much!
-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spotted...again lol

Spotted again....im loving them. Her shoe game is mean.

-Doe Chee$e

see what i mean...

92.1 Richmond RADIO

So yesterday marked the anniversary of Biggie's death. The radio was poppin. I heard songs that were not even singles. Sometimes being in Richmond is nice, but I'm glad I'm not a Richmondnite born and raised. Here is some early ass footage from the King himself. One of the best who ever lived (in my opinion THE best underground gone mainstream rapper ever AND if we get in an argument about BIG versus PAC, BIG wins for me)I even named my kitten after him, codename Biggie Biggie Smalls. yea that lil' n***a bad as sh*tlol

Another thing I heard on the radio is Trey Songz new single, called..well I do not remember what its called but I'm going to try and imeem it for you....ok well that didn't work, let me try and youtube it for you....ding ding ding, we have a winner ladies and gentlemen. I still don't know what the hell it's called, but its new and we brought it to you first. You know I got a thing for Trey Trey lol

Monday, March 9, 2009

the life of an intern

I have been applying to internships ALL MORNING LONG in my work uniform. I thought I was going to go in until I realized how great my life would be if I applied to every internship available for the human race. I want to land Missbehave, but unfortunatly I do not already live in New York. Sucks for me, right? Plus they want a writing sample and of course I have to write one, or I could say "Hey! MISSBEHAVE check out Queenie Valentine!" But I think I drop the F bomb too many times AND things are gramatically incorrect. Yep. Ima land one of these internships...Pray for me!!! The theatre ones are looking up though. You would be suprised at how many theatres are actually in New York that you have never heard of. I'm all about off-broadway.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Kanye and Amber Rose spotted in Paris during Paris Fashion week...im still loving this couple!
-Doe Chee$e

Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's Talk Mags!

I love women empowering other women so I am loving that Glamour Mag has featured some of today's up and coming stars as some of the most influential woman from past and present. The image above is one of many featured in the mag and displays Chanel Iman as Althea Gibson. Peep more below.

Paula Patton as Billie Holiday

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama
Speaking of the first lady of the United States.......

Two of the most influential woman in the world on one cover...got damn!

More mags I'm feeling at the moment...

New Issue of Missbehave Mag on news stands now!

Yo T.I.P. looks strangely like Malcolm X on the new issue of Vibe
-Doe Chee$e

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