Tuesday, April 7, 2009

is DRAKE really WRITING his own stuff?

So I got this new low down on Drake. This sounds sketch but bare with me here....So the story is like this, this girl that I know talks to this guy who is like best friends with Drake. I clearly get completely excited about this because I can potentially meet this man who I have adored since he was Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi. We get to talking about life and Drake and Drake and rap and she said that Drake doesn't write his own shit in actuality this other kid does....and she knows this kid...now this kid will remain anonymous since that is our theme for the day. However, this completely shocked the mess out of me...and I will find out if the "ish" is true. See if I got permission to put names out there and stuff.

but of course this could be a lie
but alls fair in love and gossip...but it will remain gossip and i will remain a Drake fan because right now he's too good to not like. BUT wait I also heard that Drake writes for WEEZY, BUT if that's true then I don't understand what's going on.

he comes to richmond with wale i believe...at the national...yea look that up, i'm trying to be a bit mysterious because that is the ongoing trend right? right.

love- a bad bad boy named kimmie e

EY YO anonymous!

maybe Im taking this too far
but i think its funny

click here

cuz in my house....we dont do that anonymous shit...lol

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