Thursday, February 25, 2010

Young Dandy

Young gentleman in the making.....

Who knew when Run's House started Diggy Simmons would grow up into such a nice young man

Too fly for his age!

Take notes all you bummy a$$ tall tee wear'n Baltimore and DMV folk!
O by the way, he is only 14!

Shoe Porn

Christian Louboutin

Rihanna in Louboutin


Gets no better than a bad a$$ pair of heels......

Hard Drive or Hard Boiled Eggs?

I know that I am not the only person who comes home from a long day of classes or a full time job dying of hunger!
How would you feel if you walked into your kitchen and instead of finding your loving mother or caring Bf/Gf, there behind the kitchen counter stood a giant robot preparing sushi???
That would be awesome right! Well it may be happening in the near future.
Over in Japan (the land of all things tech) the Faman restaurant offers its dinners traditional Japanese cuisine with a twist or should i say a glitch lol.
When dinning at the restaurant you will find two huge yellow robots serving up to 800 bowls of ramen noodles a day or or a hand like robot preparing sushi. Of course there are still human workers that serve these hot bowls of yum, but the two $100,000 robots make the food and manage the human staff.

In a way I find this quite fascinating and fab, but at the same time a little scary lol.
I doubt this tech dinning will make its way to the states, but ya never know.

Source: NY Times

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