Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miss Thang

These make me miss the summer time......

Christian Louboutin Ulona 140 Platform

Life of a Party Girl

Over the weekend Beyonce and Rihanna hit the club hard...
I can relate because I myself was drunk as sh*t in the club on saturday lol

We all know Bey is a classy lady and that Rih Rih is the wild child......but damn Rihanna you must of got pissy baby lmao


Audi Locus designed by Ugur Sahin


Young Jeezy is the definition of a hood boy, but he is kinda hot (Don't judge me lol)
Not to mention is one of my fav rappers
"If you ain't got time to worry bout another nigga cars, chase around another nigga broads...
I just want my money......I just want my money..."

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