Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Wears The Pants?

Soon you will need a big pocket for the over sized iPhone Apple is calling an iPad....
I'm just saying lol

Work It, Fashion Fashion Babbby

Amber Rose sits front row even without Kanye West...

Her she is sitting front row at Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano NY fashion week show
and front row at Nicole Miller

She looks stunning

Check Her Style: June Ambrose

Who do you know with style like this??? Huh huh lol
June Ambrose is will remain on the top of my Style Icon list...
She is the sh*t!
Here is your weekly dose of style

How are you fab under the dryer?
Only June....
Hermes bag on deck

Renowned stylist and my fashion goddess...

Ladies and gentlemen,

Miss June Ambrose

Photos via twitter @juneambrose

Barbie Girl???

So Nicki Minaj and her Barbie Nation are growing stronger in numbers.....
Teen girls and grown woman are loving this Barbie ish...
And now even a BOY!
Barbie Boy

This is a HOT MESS!!!!!!
Please stop the madness Ms. Minaj and Barbie Nation...
And I just found out this man??? has a youtube series...

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