Thursday, March 27, 2008


Finally something real! Well kinda......MTV will be re-airing old episodes of YO! MTV RAPS this April. So look out for it and get some real hip-hop in your life!

So Lil Wayne?

So out with new in with the old.....these 2 weirdos belong together lol

G5 Stay Live: Get Ya Gucci Up Children!!!


What it is fam!!! Its ya Boi Hov!!! Nahh, its just me, G5, comin through to drop some jewels on Queenie V. Before I commence the droppin.. Lemme giv a thanks to the WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED ladies ova here at Queenie for lettn me holla at yall. Now that I've said wat they told me to, let the session begin. On this very first edition of 'G5 Stay Live,' I'll be droppin knowledge on how you can stay ahead of the game this Summer, transforming your usual 3 month break into a 3 month party.. lol ... Check It...
1.) Get Ya Gucci Up! - This is first and foremost. You gotta get your gear up. Nigs and Nigettes both! lol.. You cant be stragglin into this summer wit the same shit you been rockin for the past 9 summas yo! People do notice nahmean, so update that shit ASAP. And guess what.. Ima tell you how. This summas must have brand is Gucci. Last year was LV, and the year before was Polo/Ed Hardy. Im just tellin you wat I kno. Invest in sum Gucci Sneaks and watch your swag escalate b4 your eyes. Trust Me.

2.) You Been Waitin Here Long? - We've all heard this question.. Some of us are even bold enuff ta ask it. Waitin for the bus or any otha public transportation this summa can substantially affect cool points, shoppin, bein on time for dates, and guess wat.. Even Gettin A Date! haha.. We're all grown, or atleast think we are.. So lets move like we're such. Invest in a car. It'll save you mad time and money.. especially if you go wit Geico. (You Kno I Hadta Do It.. lol).

3.) "Aint Shit...Chillen n da Crib" - Now that you've got a car and your new 450 plus dollar Gucci Sneaks ta floor dat muhfuh wit, get out da house, smoke a J.. or 7 and enjoy the breeze. Hit up a concert (Glow in the Dark Tour Tickets Goin Goin Goin!!!), hav a smoke session wit ya crew in an elementary school playground, Hav a water gun fight wit the local goons at the nearest Urban Outfitters.. Dont Matta Wat, Jus Do Sumthin.. Outside The House!!!

4.) Bun Bun Joint?!?! - Yep, Do dat! Get you a lil joint to enjoy all this shit wit.. You can only hav so much fun wit Black, Ty Ty and'em.. Get you a lil bun joint to tell you how much she love your Guccis and shit.. Blow a few j's down wit'er, take her to a concert and reap the benefits.. NahMean!!! lol

5.) "Sir.. Your Card Has Been Declined..." - Simply Put.. All this shit aint cheap! Get You A Job That Aint Afraid Ta Pay A Nigga.. excuse the language, but you get my drift.

Follow these very simple steps and you'll find yourself Datin a Lauren London, Shoppin wit Kanye and P, and Partyin Wit Puffy.. Sweartagod!
And Im Out!!!

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