Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ok Ok...Enough Already

I know Avatar just took a big ol' shit on the box office by grossing 1.9 billion....
but people take stuff to far....i'm just saying.
Ya boy Weezy...


Damn Gina...this is amazing!
Apple is taking ish over...
I swear they are evil and on some Pinky and the Brain type stuff lls
It will cost you $499 and ships in late March


Diddy can you please buy the ladies of Dirty Money a stylist

Nivea.....what the hell is this?
I really don't expect much from you anyway...but damn
Matching your outfit to your hair...really though?

Kelis you are my fav!
But the hair is killing me...
Is that a mullet?

Pharrell...what the hell happened???
And what is that Dirty Sanchez on ya face!!!

Come on people...lets get it together

So Amazing

Guido Daniele’s Amazing Painted Hands

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