Monday, March 2, 2009

snow bunnies in spring time

snow snow snow. im snowed in homies. snowed in to the point of no return, well at least we got cable! my house was "attacked" by an array of snowballs, all different shapes and sizes. don't you love college. you can actually ransack and pillage without getting arrested and if i had a camera i would show you the mini snow slope we had in our kitchen (aka the aftermath), no one died, thank GOD! I haven't done a top 1o in awhile, but lets give a top ten about what to do on your day off...let's begin shall we.

1. snowball fight. you knew this was coming because i was just talking about it. duh! but this is the best way to maximize your snow day fun-ness. it brings you back to 1999 when everyone was essentially the same sex and i could still beat a little boy's ass! It's good to make amo and ambush a house, i'm telling you, it's the best thing.

2. boomerang. if you do not have direct tv or digital cable this does not apply to you. so if u live in a dorm. sorry! this channel showcases all the cartoons from our childhoods like Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls, as well as the cartoons from our parents generation; The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Where Are You?, Wacky Races...everything man everything. sit back with some tea and watch tv! (comedic drumroll here)

3. its a photoshoot girl. so gucci mane has officially taken over the streets, much to my dismay, but i can't deny when a concept is hot. those rappers are smarter than we think. but this is not about gucci, its about the photoshoot. take editorial shots of yourself with your digicam in the snow. snow angels n shit. should be fun if you're really into yourself

4. blog. if you don't have a blog already like 85% of the general population then don't start one. but if you have one blog man. just type and go.

5. america's next top model marathon. it's on my tv as we speak. i swear it makes me dumber, but i don't seem to mind

6. boo love. i you have a boo within walking distance, you better go to your boo and make things happen. this is a snow day get it poppin lol

7. homework. ok? next!

8. dance to michael jackson...naked...its freeing. me and my cat do it all the time, except he's always naked. hee hee

9. shout obscenities to school children f***ing up your walk way or throwing ish at your car, or throwing snow covered rocks at your door....i speak from experience, i was a bad kid on the low

10. read and comment queenie v OR follow me on twitter...andrea3thou...remember my name! lol

Keeping Track Man...

Kanye West out in LA with his girlfriend Amber Rose on a lil shopping spree....Umm did I mention Im loving these two right now and you will be seeing more post about them. Peep her shoes...umm can we say hot! O and Im so happy Kanye cut that bird's nest off the back of his head!!!

-Doe Chee$e

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