Monday, April 5, 2010

Let Me Upgrade You

So many questions on ya two outfits, so little time...
I'm gonna quote you and say: I'm not feelin it, I'm not feelin it
I guess you really can make designer ish like Christian Louboutins and Chanel look cheap...
Do Better B!

Jock'n My Steez

Ok so this Nicki chick is really starting to grind my gears!
Ok so yes Lil Kim isn't really prevalent in the rap game anymore....but bitch she is a classic!
Lil Kim has been there done that Nicki!
Green wig in the Crush On You video.......check
Rapping about all that raunchy ish.....check
That animated steez...check
The only female in a rap crew (Bad Boy shits on Young Money).....check
I know everything comes around in cycles again but damn this is a little too close to home for me!
I'm Just Saying Man......
(Sorry in advance to all you Barbie Nation bitties,
I know you thought Nicki Minaj was an original)

Why Did I Get Married 2

I didn't think it was possible but Why Did I Get Married 2 out did its predecessor, Why Did I Get Married. First of all, I went on Friday (well really saturday it was 12 in the morning!) yo when i say it was jumping it was JUMPING! Arundel Mills had 3 theaters all showing Why Did I Get Married 2 at the same time and there was a long ass line for each showing! Furthermore, each showing was sold out and the theater I was in was neck to neck, butt to butt packed!
All I have to say is the movie was funny, tragic, realistic, and epic all at the same time.
I would definitely go see it again and I was happy to spend money to support a African-American film maker.
Congrats to Tyler Perry and the rest of the cast on a 30.1 million dollar opening weekend at the box office and that is triple the opening of the first Why Did I Get Married.
Go Check It Out Cha'll......

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