Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Did I Get Married 2

I didn't think it was possible but Why Did I Get Married 2 out did its predecessor, Why Did I Get Married. First of all, I went on Friday (well really saturday it was 12 in the morning!) yo when i say it was jumping it was JUMPING! Arundel Mills had 3 theaters all showing Why Did I Get Married 2 at the same time and there was a long ass line for each showing! Furthermore, each showing was sold out and the theater I was in was neck to neck, butt to butt packed!
All I have to say is the movie was funny, tragic, realistic, and epic all at the same time.
I would definitely go see it again and I was happy to spend money to support a African-American film maker.
Congrats to Tyler Perry and the rest of the cast on a 30.1 million dollar opening weekend at the box office and that is triple the opening of the first Why Did I Get Married.
Go Check It Out Cha'll......


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