Monday, December 22, 2008

New Issue!

Ya'll better style be reading this dope shit!
Go get the new issue of MissBehave Mag
-Doe Chee$e

Get Hype.....

Yo Kim! How you gona try and fire me (on the low)...I know I am the dead beat dad and all but its the holidays so Ima show my face around these parts and support my child, Queenie for once.

The holiday is wack, Christmas is dead to me lol. I am 20 and the effects off Christmas have worn off. I dont buy anyone presents, I hate Christmas music, and I have a 9 to 5 for the holiday break ( I got bills to pay, why Ima spend my money on present...geez). It doesnt even feel like Christmas man! But Im tryna skip Christmas and get to New Years. Yea I am an alchi on the low and New Years is the time to get it poppin, literally lol. New Years has become a new tradition for me and the celebration has essentially replaced Christmas for me. I mean dont get me wrong, Jesus is the reason for the season but ummmm people so dont celebrate X-mas for him, its all about the presents, the last minute shopping, Fights in the mall parking lot over a space and so on and so on. New Years is the grown person's X-mas. Pop bottles, dance all night, pop more bottles, scream happy new year, boo love for a few, and then pass out. Thats my kinda celebration. So put on ya lil dress, ya pumps, gets your hair did, and reign in the new year right. In the infamous words of Rick James...ITS A CELEBRATION BITCHES.....

-Doe Chee$e

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