Thursday, July 26, 2007

Damn Gina: Vibe Vixen's Run Is Ova

The sista mag to Vibe Magazine, Vibe Vixen is no more. The magazine will no longer produce a hard copy, but will maintain there website, All these magazines are folding, Vibe Vixen, Jane, who is next? Keep hope alive ladies, we still have Missbehave!

-Doe Chee$e

queenie's valentine: CG J.R.

Tha Factz
Government: Clive Antwoine Grant
B.K.A: Twoine, CG J.R. or Fly Kid CG. Depends on the basis of our relationship.
Age: 19 yrs old in earthly years. Way older in the homospaien calender years
state ur grind: Opportunist... I flip 5 to 10 to 20 jus like that ya digg?

Tha Interview

1. I have a soft spot for: Lacoste Cardigans, Ebay, Girls with pretty feet and ummm...Them new Pharell Roadstas. Wat Ya Know About It

2. Fiji, Evian, or tap? 99 Cent Sweet Tea

3. Republican Elephant or Democrat Donkey? Democrat Donkey. I can be an ass at times

4. Favorite Designer: Nigo

5. What song would they play at your funeral? Something wit a nice bridge. haha.

6. Perfect Female Specimen is: Joy Bryant. She went to Yale and she's a dime. Wat ya Kno Bout It.

7. What drug are you cocaine or heroin (queenie does not support drug use of any kind cept for green grass lol :): Methamphetamine...I leave an eternal impression on my users

8. Ur best Facebook status ever: Clive is the truth but he not settin nobody free. Get Back To Work!!!!

9. If we wanted to make you, what ingredients would we need? 5 ice cubes, 3 tbsp of apathy, 10 episodes of jeopardy and 3 cups of water from the Potomac River. You would get a clone of me...not exactly "I".

10. Last Will and Testament: Jus Get yours and b Happy.

Crackies Gone Wild: Lindsay Lohan Edition

the culprit: lindsey lohan...sooo apparently this bitch is REALLY on crack..well cocaine...this is her mugshot..Her abrupt change from Oprah to Nicole Richie has been the result of cocaine abuse. So yesterday she got a DUI and then had COCAINE in her purse, but of COURSE ITS NOT HERS...hehe...crackheads...WTF? Allegedly she was caught earlier in the year stuffing cocaine up her nose and her friends nose before entering into an LA night club (this is sooo reminding me of Scarface) click on this for a timeline of her nonsense: In the picture to the right she is apparently snorting crack/cocaine, whatever..I guess heroin was too much for her skinny bones to handle. Its all quite sad actually. But it is still a hot ass mess. I mean you are FAMOUS which means u just can't doooo crack like a regular person, like duh! What happened to the cute little redhead who got her parents back together? Come on Lindsey!!!! Didn't you take D.A.R.E in elementary school or see the Snuff McGruff commercials (Snuff McGruff Chicago, Illinois 60652..i know that by heart lol)?????

the verdict: 10/5 deuces, a stint in REAL PEOPLE REHAB, a cigarette, and some calamine lotion for the itching or something...o and a casket if u don't play your cards right. GEEZ

Rihanna On CRACK

ok so yesterday she was gettin hella attention for her "edgy-punk-rock-dominatrix-devil-asymmetrical" cut and today she has a "curly-wet-n-wavy-like-a-certain-R&B-goddess-whose name-starts-with-a-B" say crack kills in this situation

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