Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The PepperMint Arts Collective

(snap snap, lights an incense...pops mint)...

So i got a new blog for you little hipster artsy kids out there written by the group, "The PepperMint Arts Collective". The collective is made up of 7 multi-talented students attending college in either New York or Philly. The thing that makes The PepperMint so special is that they are individually beautiful and uniquely talented. I would suggest hitting this site up before you go to work, for your daily dose of uncool cool uncanny artsy african pride The members include two of my dear old friends Johnston Michaels and The Hip Hop Mona Lisa/Georgia Brown. This group just bleeds new hot meaningful artsy type shit, hottest fashions, hottest music..and they don't even have to discuss it, they just "exude" it, ya dig? So just hot so go to their site, check it out, look at their poetry and get knowledged my people...(puts fist in the air).
i suggest you check this out

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Erykah Badu for Tom Ford

Here at QV we love Miss Badu and I guess famed fashion designer Tom Ford does to because she is the new face for his new fragrance, White Patchouli...wonder what is smells like? Anyway she looks gorgeous in the ads. Props to you miss

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