Friday, May 29, 2009

i want that old thing back

Queenie are we about to have to put u down to rest again?!?!?! Niggas are really neglecting the baby. awwww poor queenie. I got some updates for u phew. im back wit a vengence on, chillin doin my own ME thing. It's that new new so get at it. ALSO some of our favorite indie DC MC's are developing new new. Clive with the blog and of course keepin us all good for the summer time with some new new tracks, comin to YOU soon. I read that M1 is also doing their thing. I am def on my job grind so bear/bare (which one is it?) with me people. so I do not have any new "gossip" for you, but I do have some shit that I just got put on to, you know that hip hop that u heard as a kid but never knew who sang the song or those classic groups you were never really into....yea that. It's really all thats been on my mind lately...dig it

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