Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ok kiddies we all know the elections are coming up in 2008. I know this is a "fun" site, but its important that you vote. You may be saying, "my vote doesn't matter", but in actuality 4 million youth voted in last election, majority of them voting democrat, the most one sided vote in history, atypical of the usual split decision in youth voting. Although John Kerry lost the election, youth voters made an impact, and with more, who knows what we can do! So research the candidates, democrat or republican, look at the issues, focus on what you care about, abortion, same sex marraiges, Iraq, education, and even college affordability. Its all there, all you have to do is read or listen a little (if you have youtube) and make a well thought out decision. So go to http://www.rockthevote.com/ to register to vote today!!! (you can even get a cool tee shirt, and boy do us "teens" love those!)


The Fire That Is: Finding Forever by Common

Common's new LP Finding Forever is a soulful, smooth, and all around beautiful work of art. This album shows us that there is more to hip hop than flashiness and songs that have there own dance. Finding Forever features productions by Kanye West, lyrics that make you think, and soulful delivers from Bilal, D'angelo, and Will.iam. Did I mention that Lilly Allen is also on this LP in the song "Driving Me Wild!" Common's new album is a story of love, spirituality, and finding your existence. Finding Forever will inspire you and maybe even change your perception of the world. O and it helps that this is a beautiful man geeeez! hahaha

-Doe Chee$e

Word On the Street: Gwen Stefani to Start a Mag

Reportedly Gwen Stefani is in the works with Jane Pratt, the founder of Jane magazine. After the mag folded, rumors began to fly that the style icon and Pratt were in talks to develop a magazine that would cater to the 18 to 25 crowd. I am excited and can't wait to read it, if it comes out hehe.

- Doe Chee$e

Monday, July 30, 2007

Spotlight On: Simpsons Avatars and M&Ms

If you havent realized it yet, the Simpsons are in their own movie. I decided to make an ever so popular Simpsons Avatar on http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/ .The Avatar pictured below is none other than Queenie V's other writer Doe Cheese. Smile for the camera Dom! (flash flash)...haha. If you want to turn yourself into an avatar with an actual picture go to http://www.simpsonizeme.com/. Oh yeah before I forget, the Simpsons website is loaded with goodies you can enjoy during work such as games, tours of Springfield, ready-made avatars, and semi-detailed descriptions of your favorite Simpsons characters!

The other cool "turn yourself into thingy" is the http://www.becomeanmnm.com/ website. You can turn urself into an m& m in any m&m flava..To the right is the ill na na Queen Cupcake 3000. A love child between chocolate, peanuts, Queenie V, and Andre 3000...


P.S. If you make a bomb ass avatar email it to us at originalbeautie@aol.com, but first send us a comment (peaces)--kimmie e

Kimmie E. Huxtable...lmao

soooo i look like denise from the cosbys according to doms drunk friend...anyway, my twisted variation of poetic justice hurts like a motha...tell me watcha think..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Crackies Gone Wild: Lindsey Lohan Part 2

Ok this winch has gone to far! On Tuesday Lindsey Lohan was pulled over and charged with driving with a suspended license, DUI, and lets not forget the cocaine, but they left something out of this riveting saga. During her joy ride/car chase Miss Lohan had three young men in the car with her according to TMZ. Jakon Sutter, Dante Nigro, and Ronnie Blake were all in the car during the whole incident. When the police pulled Lohan over she had the fucking nerve to tell the officer when questioned "I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving." WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now she is blaming black people for her array of problems. It's time to call Al Sharpton!

- Doe Chee$e

Damn Gina: The Madness of The Cut

Is there no originality people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN GINA!!!!! The Rihanna madness continues and I thought It was bad when Beyonce had the wet and wavy and was taking over hahaha. From Trina to Miss Cole, everyone is swagga jacking lil miss Rih rih. UHHHHHHHH! Yes the hair cut is fire but damn....not everybody all at once hahaha!

Check Her Style: Erykah Badu

Mother Earth is that you? Naw it's just Miss Badu. Head wraps, Afros, and crochet outfits, Erykah Badu is fearless when it comes to her lyrics and style. Some days she takes us back to Africa and other days she takes to the future. Either way Erykah Badu hits all the right notes when it comes to personal style. Miss Badu doesn't care what the critics think about her music or her fashion sense, because she knows she is going to make a statement. She reps her roots and has a style that no one else can duplicate, unless you take a trip to the Motherland hehe.
To get her style try:
An Afro
Hats or head wraps
Crochet outfits
Wooden and metal jewelry
The colors of Africa

-Doe Chee$e


"is this on?"
(tapping mike)

(running back up to mike)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Damn Gina: Vibe Vixen's Run Is Ova

The sista mag to Vibe Magazine, Vibe Vixen is no more. The magazine will no longer produce a hard copy, but will maintain there website, http://www.vibevixen.com/. All these magazines are folding, Vibe Vixen, Jane, who is next? Keep hope alive ladies, we still have Missbehave!

-Doe Chee$e

queenie's valentine: CG J.R.

Tha Factz
Government: Clive Antwoine Grant
B.K.A: Twoine, CG J.R. or Fly Kid CG. Depends on the basis of our relationship.
Age: 19 yrs old in earthly years. Way older in the homospaien calender years
state ur grind: Opportunist... I flip 5 to 10 to 20 jus like that ya digg?

Tha Interview

1. I have a soft spot for: Lacoste Cardigans, Ebay, Girls with pretty feet and ummm...Them new Pharell Roadstas. Wat Ya Know About It

2. Fiji, Evian, or tap? 99 Cent Sweet Tea

3. Republican Elephant or Democrat Donkey? Democrat Donkey. I can be an ass at times

4. Favorite Designer: Nigo

5. What song would they play at your funeral? Something wit a nice bridge. haha.

6. Perfect Female Specimen is: Joy Bryant. She went to Yale and she's a dime. Wat ya Kno Bout It.

7. What drug are you cocaine or heroin (queenie does not support drug use of any kind cept for green grass lol :): Methamphetamine...I leave an eternal impression on my users

8. Ur best Facebook status ever: Clive is the truth but he not settin nobody free. Get Back To Work!!!!

9. If we wanted to make you, what ingredients would we need? 5 ice cubes, 3 tbsp of apathy, 10 episodes of jeopardy and 3 cups of water from the Potomac River. You would get a clone of me...not exactly "I".

10. Last Will and Testament: Jus Get yours and b Happy.

Crackies Gone Wild: Lindsay Lohan Edition

the culprit: lindsey lohan...sooo apparently this bitch is REALLY on crack..well cocaine...this is her mugshot..Her abrupt change from Oprah to Nicole Richie has been the result of cocaine abuse. So yesterday she got a DUI and then had COCAINE in her purse, but of COURSE ITS NOT HERS...hehe...crackheads...WTF? Allegedly she was caught earlier in the year stuffing cocaine up her nose and her friends nose before entering into an LA night club (this is sooo reminding me of Scarface) click on this for a timeline of her nonsense: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/celebritology/2007/07/lindsay_lohan_a_2007_timeline.html?hpid=entnew. In the picture to the right she is apparently snorting crack/cocaine, whatever..I guess heroin was too much for her skinny bones to handle. Its all quite sad actually. But it is still a hot ass mess. I mean you are FAMOUS which means u just can't doooo crack like a regular person, like duh! What happened to the cute little redhead who got her parents back together? Come on Lindsey!!!! Didn't you take D.A.R.E in elementary school or see the Snuff McGruff commercials (Snuff McGruff Chicago, Illinois 60652..i know that by heart lol)?????

the verdict: 10/5 deuces, a stint in REAL PEOPLE REHAB, a cigarette, and some calamine lotion for the itching or something...o and a casket if u don't play your cards right. GEEZ

Rihanna On CRACK

ok so yesterday she was gettin hella attention for her "edgy-punk-rock-dominatrix-devil-asymmetrical" cut and today she has a "curly-wet-n-wavy-like-a-certain-R&B-goddess-whose name-starts-with-a-B"..hmmmmmmmmmm...id say crack kills in this situation

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Relocating to the UK

1. WAH Magazine- http://www.wah-magazine.com/ Wah is like the mommy mag to MISSBEHAVE, cept Euro style. Embraces hip hop culture, nails, colored pants, and doorknocker earings, plus takes time to devote space for the year 1993, who knew Europe could be extra sweet

2. Topshop- I've had an ongoing obsession with topshop ever since my freshman year in high school, where TEENvogue listed them in one of their photoshoots. When I hit the website, http://www.topshop.com/, I was in absolute awe. Now they even have a line with THE KATE MOSS!! (i think i just shit my pants...jk)

3. Corrine Bailey Rae- shes black and shes from England!! Excuse our ignorance, but thats just plain cool.

4. Not Bad 4 a Girl (NBFG)- Clothing line, kind of like the UK equivelent of Married to The Mob, http://www.notbadforagirl.com/, enough said

5. Regina Spector- You know, i dig this Euro Chick, she plays the piano and her voice is different than all the others. Her music makes you think. Served best heated under a fireplace with a warm cup of cocoa and some paint to splatter on your boyfriend before he breaks your hea-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-artttttttt!!!!

6. Euros- I love love love EUROS! I mean you can buy all the cool UK stuff, and their currency just seems so much more prettier than those green and cream ugly dead presidents that represent us. Plus everything seems cheaper, since their currency is worth more, i am SO down. Oh yeah its like 10 European Nations that use them, kinda creepy- in a "Hitler -take-over-the-world-way", but cool and convienient

7. Vacationing in the SOF (south of france)- who needs the Hamptons when you have the South of France? I don't...Actually they have their very own New York, It's called Paris...duhhhhh

8. Killer Accent- Allo' mah nayme is Kimbaly...ah 'ave a nice 'arse (or is arse scotland or sumthing)...anyway, accents are mad sexy, and id rather sound like a englishman than T.I. or Jay Z...

9. Tea Time- I work 8.5 hour days, and you know what i hate tea (Earl Grey is for the birds), but any excuse to get a break is good for me! Tea Anyone???

10. Big Ben- is it REALLY a clock? or is ben the english term for johnson....lmao hehe

gooddaye mate (i think thats austrailia)
kimmie e

p.s. if u do go there still go to the dentist every 6 months

IHMDJ (i hate my day job)

Sooo im a little bit confused about what "heading" i should put this under...but i chose "crack fiend" because this shit is like crack, got me scratching and shit lmao/jk (no offense to the crack fiends of the world.....) WELL I discovered this site called http://www.ihmdj.com/ and i so totally fell in love with it. They have a blog, a mixtape section, and CLOTHES!!!! Boys and Girls..This is sooo my new guilty pleasure. The shirts are clever screen tees that don't scream, "I got this from Hot Topic!" or "on sale at forever 21". They are affordable and hot. So check these people out, their phillosophy is basically as simple as their name, "they hate or have hated their day job." holla

Spotlight On: Super Sunglasses

Ever since i got contacts I've developed a soft spot for sunglasses. Actually I got contacts just so I could wear them--but dont tell my mom that lol--ANYWHO. I love them, retro inspired, modern, futuristic, vintage, everything that protects my eyes from the sun. Recently while skimming through a Eurpoean mag, i came across Super Sunglasses, a brand made by Daniel and Simon Beckerman and fashion photographer Sean Micheal Beolchini. The glasses are all hand made in Italy and can be bought on several online stores. My favorites are the retro 50's yellow ones..oooooo they are so fetch (did i forget to mention we are SO making "fetch" happen lol)

Sorry Fellas!

Sorry peeps...(hopefully we have some avid readers by now lol)..we've been kind of lax on our posts but its been a busy weekend and we must keep up apperances! Artscape with Lupe Fiasco and we have the pics to prove it (and not everyone in baltimore got to see this guy up close and personal hahahahahaha...lucky us :))) as luck would have it we missed the concert because parking is a bitch...but ran into the guy on the street, making our street cred go up like 50 gazillion points on the scale of street cred lmao. yeah we do it big in baltimore..young fly and flashy (u kno i like shiny shit, and apparently clive does too (the nig with the chains on)). so stay tuned for more at queenie, hopefully we can do more "big things" lol.

lupe tha jedi and my accomplices.. (see me in the front..where is dom though?)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Do You Think: Lauryn Hill's Latest Fashion Choices

What do you think? Leave a comment

- Doe Chee$e

Monday, July 23, 2007

Baja Beach Club

Baja Beach Club Teen Night..EVERY SUNDAY from 7-11...we know its kind of early, but hey come out and have a little bit of fun on a sunday night

Check Her Style: Victoria Beckham

They call her a fembot…but I kinda dig it hehe. Victoria Beckham is a style icon in my eyes. From her hair cut to her sky high platforms, Mrs. Beckham knows fashion. She is front row at every fashion show such as YSL and Versace, and is always the first to rock a new trend, good or bad. She is fearless and should be honored for that. Victoria Beckham has come along way from her spice girls days of shiny suits and platform sneakers?!!!! Plus I think we will be seeing a lot more of Victoria Beckham since they are moving state side. O n did I mention her husband was the sexy soccer star David Beckham. Major props!

To get her look try:

An asymmetrical bob
Platform heels
Oversized sunglasses
Leather skirts and belts
Head to toe black
-Doe Chee$e

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Word on the Street: Sur Fresh Alot & Hiro The Jap

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Check Her Style: Fergie

From Porky pie hats to denim overalls, Fergie style has finally improved. As her solo album, The Dutchess dropped late last year, Fergie vamped up her style but still kept that boyish charm to her look. She loves skinny jeans, vintage t-shirts, and baby doll dresses, but you can always catch her in an Adidas track suit. She also mixes in leggings and vest with her tomboy look. Her style is 80’s slash rock n roll with a flair. I dig it and it is a major improvement from her my hump days.

To get her look try:
Doorknocker earrings
Denim Overalls
Stacked heels
Porky pie hat

Check Her Style: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is the ultimate retro chick. With red lipstick and sky high stilettos, Miss Von Teese knows how to work the vampy pin-up look. Yes she is a burlesque dancer, but off the stage Dita Von Teese is a pretty classy lady. Always in a dress Miss Von Teese is the epitome of elegance. With corsets, pencils skirts, and perfectly glam hair, Dita's style is not for the faint of heart. O...and the occasional piece of lingerie doesn't hurt either hehe.

To get her look try:

40's and 50's hair
Pencil skirts
Red lipstick
-Doe Chee$e

Get Off Her Vagina (literally for some of you): The Paris Hilton Edition

WTF! Instead of the normal “Shots Fired in Baltimore County” or “The War in Iraq Continues” flashing across my screen I see “ Paris Hilton Just Released From Jail.” I am so damn tired of this coke whore being on every channel and on the front of every magazine. Why is she famous? O yes let me see for a porn tape, a tiff with her best friend Nicole R., and a Chihuahua. I can find that type of the chick down the street! She is a skinny blonde chick that hangs unflattering designers smocks on her thin frame that she bought with daddy’s Amex, yet little prepubescent teeny boppers worship her. She has a book, a television show, a hair weave line, and fragrance. O and don’t forget One Night In Paris hahahaha. Paris Hilton should not be every blonde little girls idol. Furthermore she needs to be an example of what not to be when you grow up.

During her stay in jail for like 23 days she cried of sleepless nights, how horrible jail was, and her “condition.” This is a load of shit! When Paris was released from jail she said she would reform her ways by staying out of the club and doing charity work. A bunch of b.s. in my opinion. She has yet to do any charity work and still shakes her no having ass in the hottest clubs in L.A. Well she has already shown her vagina to the whole damn world, but still get off her vagina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Doe Chee$e

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Tuesday, July 27, 2007
Richmond Coliseum @ 7:30pm
Richmond, VA



Friday, August 17, 2007
@ Kanawha Plaza in Richmond, VA
Price: $36.20


August 31, 2007
@VCU (Go RAMS Go, we beat DUke!!!)
show starts @ 4:00 pm

we will keep you informed of ticket prices!!!

Check Her Style: Janelle Monae

Don't sleep on this chick, she is certified FIRE! Not only are her songs such as Violet Stars Happy (which has been on my Myspace page for about a month because I can't get enough!!!) innovative, but so is her fearless sense of style. Donned in black and white, who else do you know can pull off a first grade private school staple, Saddle Shoes! Wow!!! Her eclectic style paired with her soulful sounds can only conjure up one thought in my mind. HIT! Not your Beyonce or Rihanna, this Janelle Monae isn't a marketing strategy she is herself. Bright colors, natural hair, and funky accessories adorn her frame. Like I said don't sleep on this one mannnnnnn!
To get her look try:
Natural Hair
Saddle shoes duh
A Chanel inspired head to toe black and white outfit
Bold accessories i.e. a men's tie or glasses
Skinny black pants

-Doe Chee$e

Spotlight On: Patricia Field

Four words....."Sex and the City". Everyone watched it for the fashion happenings (don't front you know you did) of those four city girls, but who was really behind the styling of the show? Patricia Fields has been the stylist behind so many of the movies that start fashion trends, such as The Devil Wears Prada. Now Miss Fields ( not the cookie lady hehe) has a boutique in New York and an awesome website. The website, http://www.patriciafield.com/ carries everything from home decor to clothes.The website is a little pricey but its worth it. You can find Betsey Johnson, White Trash Jewelry, and her own designs on the site. The website also features the latest trends such as colored jeans. The silver Cadillac bag is one of my personal favs, along with the vintage Burberry shades and the crushed Budweiser necklace. Go check it out, I'm sure you will love it!

-Doe Chee$e

The Underground: Janelle Monae

Let me just start by saying that when I heard about Janelle Monae from one of our readers I was eager to check her out. I did assume that she would be a carbon copy of Amy Winehouse or Corrine Bailey Rae, but I was in for a huge surprise. As I type this I have listened to Janelle Monae's song "Peachtree Blues" about 5 times in a row. I can not seem to get enough of her 1940's Billie Holiday type feel. As a lover of old movies and all things vintage, I especially cling to this song. Her new albums are entitled Metropolis, and will be released in "suites". They contain songs with techno beats, traditional R&B, Blues, Musical Theatre inspired songs, doo wop, soul, and even things that remind you of happy-go-lucky-Disney. A record that holds this much diversity is worth listening to. If you think Miss. Monae looks a little familiar she was the girl in Outkast's "Morris Brown" video with the crazy hair do. Her appearance is not a coincidence, Janelle is signed to Big Boi's Purple Ribbon Label in collaboration with Wondaland Arts Society (http://www.wondaland.blogspot.com/) , who knew a label could give an artist this much creative freedom-there really is a God lol!!! Her inspirations are as diverse as her sound, they include Bjork, Fiona Apple, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and of course Outkast.

Janelle's story of discovery is in traditional form, like that of a fairy tale: Young country girl from Kansas moves to the Big Apple after high school, attends The American Musical and Dramatics Academy (AMDA), graduates, moves to the ATL, and gets discovered by Big Boi after singing a politically controversial song, entitled Dear Mr. President...well maybe her story is a bit different, who knew SCAM-DA, i mean AMDA could produce a new super talented star? Janelle Monae is truly my new favorite "newbie" on the music scene. Visit her website http://www.janellemonae.com/ for tour dates and travel information!

Check out these songs:
Peachtree Blues
Violet Stars Happy Hunting

Janelle Monae Information:

Metropolis: Suite 1 "The Chase" IN STORES AUGUST 21!!!!!!!!!!!
"Queenie Valentine says Butt Buddies are Fun!!",
love the infamous,
Kimmie E

Monday, July 16, 2007

Get off his d**k: Lil' Wayne

Weezy F. Baby aka Lil'Wayne aka The Birdman Jr. aka puts-out-a-mixtape-everyday-and-drinks-cough-syrup-while-doing-it is frankly getting on my nerves. Now i love Weezy just as much as the next person, his delivery is fire, his freestyle is decent, and he can make a punch line out of anything. But what's with all the hype? We have been promised a Carter III and instead are blessed with mixtape after mixtape, but the thing that really gets my gears about Mr. Baby is that he keeps saying that he is the best!!! WTF? The best? Complete and TOTAL HIP HOP BLASPHEME!!!! I am a Jay fan through and through and I get down with the lyrical genious which is Nas, but to say that Lil'Wayne is the greatest rapper alive today is ignorant. I mean come on Wayne you named you effin album The Carter, WTF? Here's what the cocky rapper said to Complex Mag

"I don’t like what he’s [Jay-Z] saying about how he had to come back because hip-hop’s dead and we need him,” Weezy told Complex. “What the fuck do you mean? If anything it’s reborn, so he’s probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note, and all of the artists were saying, ‘Yo, this is Jay’s house. He’s the best.’ Now he comes back and still thinks it’s his house. But we fucked bitches in your bed already. It’s not your house anymore and I’m better than you.“

he continued his bashing by singling out Clipse and Pharell

“I don’t see no fucking Clipse. This is a fucking legend you’re talking to right here. How many years them niggas been around? Who the fuck is Pharrell? Do you really respect him? That nigga wore BAPE and y’all thought he was weird. I wore it and y’all thought it was hot. What I gotta go in the store and say, ‘I like these colors but I can’t buy them because other rappers wore them?"

Not only is Lil' Wayne being cocky and ignorant. He doesn't even know what he's talking about. No one hates on Pharell's style, in actuality he's a bigger fashion icon than Wayne will ever be. Have you been featured on the pages of Harper's Bazzar? No. You haven't so shut ur face! And Jay..well i mean lets look at stats. Jay has been in the game since the early 90's, hes' a hip hop mogul, president of Def Jam, one of the richest black men in the world, his name alone symbolizes the growth of hip hop as a genre, a business, and empire. Now lets look at Lil' Wayne: He's the president of Cash Money, and what artist are signed to him? Oh yeah..Currency? and who else? well i can't think of any. Secondly you kissed BABY on the LIPS. This isn't the Godfather, you are not Italian, and you are not apart of any MOB!!!! Lastly, who died and made you the king of anything? You JUST STARTED making hit records, and your hits ARE NOT AS BIG AS JAYS. You are not RICH you are HOOD RICH and your assests are in BAPE hoodies and played out Ed Hardy shirts. You are a GOOD RAPPER a GREAT RAPPER, but not the best, so keep it the fuck moving...and if you wanna bring it closer to home think about Common, Talib, Rakim, Mos Def, Nas, or even new comer Lupe Fiasco! They shit on him lyrically and are deeper than BAPES, money, crack, and head-the topics that "the best rapper alive" tends to focus on. I mean Jay might not be at his best now, because Kingdom Come was a huge disappointment, but his verse against WAyne is classic in every form. Il end with a Jay quote:"men lie, women lie, numbers don't"- Jay-Z


Crack Fiend: Charm Braclets

Basically charm bracelets are like crack, you buy one charm then you break your pockets on trying another all so the bracelet could be complete. On a recent visit with my aunt i had a revelation unlike any other, that I should restart a charm bracelet. Hers consisted of a Chanel charm (real of course, duh), an earring she lost, this cool little giraffe, a few things of my grandmothers, and alot of other stuff. Each item was permanently fastened on the bracelet, and every time she found something she liked for the bracelet, she takes it to her jeweler and has them make it into a charm. Talk about creativity. Now i won't even lie, I am the owner of a Juicy Couture (which is soooo not "Couture") charm bracelet. The problem with these bracelets is that EVERYONE has them, making it completely unoriginal and too toooooo trendy. The point of a charm bracelet is to make it your own. So go around your house and look for random ish you like and go turn it into a charm, its a lot cheaper than paying 50 big ones for a charm your ex best friend has. You can use the Juicy bracelet as a start off point if you'd like and can also have the charms made detachable so you can mix and match the bracelet. SO GO CHARM HUNTING!!!!

Spotlight On: Sidekick Zante (Slide), Sidekick?? and the Sidekick X

Sidekick Zante(Slide): So it seems as though the geniuses at Danger/Sharp that mass produce all the sidekicks, have now created a new version of the super fly status symbol. Known as the Zante, this new kick slides instead of swivels, a feature which I will mos def. miss. The Zante seems to be the same as the three except for a few minor upgrades:
  • new sounds when you slide the phone up and down
  • more categories under the "settings" tab
  • more attractive instant messaging display, but no new AIM features
  • the phone is purple and the keyboard is either purple or blue
  • smaller than the three, the screen is closer to the Sidekick ID (yuck)

  • instead of typical rounded square buttons, the Zante comes complete with perfectly round circle buttons, the 3 keyboard is probably better
  • typical sidekick reception with a few minor upgrades
  • the speakerphone rocks, its louder, clearer, just all around better
  • themes are now available through the catalog instead of online
  • more downloading space
  • a semi-better display

Word on the street is that the Zante should be ready for release as early as September 9th from T-Mobile, for an asking price of $269.00. The price, which is cheaper than the Sidekick 3 tells you that this phone in no way, shape , or form is supposed to be the heir to the Sidekick throne, meaning the Zante is NOT THE SIDEKICK 4!!!! So don't get your panties in a bunch quite yet! It's probably being used to further their market for people who could not afford the 3, or did not like the three, but did not want the crappy ID. Their website is no help of course, and does not contain the usual preview that the other sidekicks have had in the past. The Zante is apparently a collaboration between Sharp, Danger, and Motorola.

Sidekick X: Little is known about the Sidekick X, it confuses me. Apparently it is supposed to be some form of a RAZR with sleek detail and shiny casing. No one is sure on whether or not the Sidekick X RAZR is going to be a flip phone or just a metal version of the sidekick 3. The people at Danger and Motorola are collaborating again in order to appeal to an adult, more professional market because a business man flipping a sidekick just does not spell "cool". lmao

Sidekick??: The greenish looking phone up top (the one i think is the sweetest), is possibly the sidekick that is succeeding the 3. It's sleeker than the other kicks before it, but little is known about the Sidekick?? because no information has been released to the public quite yet. It will probably carry all of the upgrades that come with the Zante, and is rumored to have a better camera, video play back and recording capabilities, as well as a display that will shit on all of these. The picture above is said to be a "rendering" but it looks so real, doesn't it?

It all leaves me to think that the phone companies are on crack--why are u creating all these effin phones??? I'm not hating though, it all makes me mad excited!! I think I will stick to my 3 until the Sidekick ??? comes. This is what Verizon gets for trying to hoar us up with those pretend kicks!!! So haha!

(all information can be found at http://www.boygeniousreport.com/ and http://www.engadgetmobile.com/, and http://www.crunchgear.com/)

Check Her Style: Lily Allen

Lily Allen has hopped the pond from London to the U.S. to showcase not only her up-beat songs, but also her quirky sense of style. A girl after my own heart, Lily Allen rocks beautiful and girly dresses, neon eyeliner, and sneakers…all at the same time hehe. She is known for her bright colored fashions which ironically enough match her bubbly songs. She also fancies doorknocker earrings and collects jordans.

To get her look try:
Doorknocker earrings
A beehive hairdo
Voluminous tea length dresses

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