Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sorry Fellas!

Sorry peeps...(hopefully we have some avid readers by now lol)..we've been kind of lax on our posts but its been a busy weekend and we must keep up apperances! Artscape with Lupe Fiasco and we have the pics to prove it (and not everyone in baltimore got to see this guy up close and personal hahahahahaha...lucky us :))) as luck would have it we missed the concert because parking is a bitch...but ran into the guy on the street, making our street cred go up like 50 gazillion points on the scale of street cred lmao. yeah we do it big in baltimore..young fly and flashy (u kno i like shiny shit, and apparently clive does too (the nig with the chains on)). so stay tuned for more at queenie, hopefully we can do more "big things" lol.

lupe tha jedi and my accomplices.. (see me in the front..where is dom though?)


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