Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Dare You America

This is some bullsh*t...and I mean bullsh*t

I saw this bumper sticker the other day out Columbia Mall.
I was like o wow this is a wonderful message.
Pray that the Lord gives the man that is running our country strength.
But wait, what does this particular bible verse say???

Here is Psalm 109:8: Let his days be few; let another take his office.
Here is Psalm 109:9 Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.
Eff anybody who wears this garbage....FLAT OUT

Sky High


The Dark Side

I'm digging Cassie leather jacket

Ciara just works the hell out of the mini dress and Louboutin combo

Nicki Minaj looks tasteful in a strapless mini
(Side note: Don't these to look like Barbie & Ken lol)

Of course I had to throw my chick Amber Rose on her
She is just a bad bitch.....

Step out in all black and turn heads.....


This is so sad and makes me sick to my stomach!
Everytime I see this particular story on the news or on morning shows I get upset. In case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, this little 5 year old girl was thought to have been kidnapped, but it was later discovered that her mother may have sold her into human sex trafficking. While police continued to investigate the case they found the remains of what they believe to be her body a few days ago.
This little girl was an innocent life...she didn't not even get a chance to live and she did not deserve what happened to her. She is an angel now and I pray that her mother and the others involve get what they have coming to them...because karma is a BITCH



This is who you talk to....all the beautiful women in the world that want you!!!!
And you talk to a old reality reject...
grrrr this grinds my gears!!!! lol

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