Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She Is At It Again

Amber Rose is EVERYWHERE!
Anywho, this photo shoot is for some magazine and supposedly Kanye styled it lol

Gold Diggn Bags


Ughhh!!! the Chanel!!!!

Jimmy Choo

Tory Burch

These bags are ill...flatout lol

So Umm Yea???

So Sheree debuted her lin SHE by Sheree at NYC fashion week sometime this past weekend.


I am not that impressed and after 2 years of developement,
her line should be way hotter than this.
But more power to you hun and I hope her future collections are better.

I Use To Love Her

Kelis was like my style icon.

From her hair to her attitude, Kelis was the ish!

Anyway, I thought I would just flashback to her Bossy days....

Ily Kelis

O and p.s. last night in NYC,

Nas and Kelis were spotted arriving at a party...together!
Rekindling the romance???
Because umm they look pretty happy to me

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