Monday, July 16, 2007

Crack Fiend: Charm Braclets

Basically charm bracelets are like crack, you buy one charm then you break your pockets on trying another all so the bracelet could be complete. On a recent visit with my aunt i had a revelation unlike any other, that I should restart a charm bracelet. Hers consisted of a Chanel charm (real of course, duh), an earring she lost, this cool little giraffe, a few things of my grandmothers, and alot of other stuff. Each item was permanently fastened on the bracelet, and every time she found something she liked for the bracelet, she takes it to her jeweler and has them make it into a charm. Talk about creativity. Now i won't even lie, I am the owner of a Juicy Couture (which is soooo not "Couture") charm bracelet. The problem with these bracelets is that EVERYONE has them, making it completely unoriginal and too toooooo trendy. The point of a charm bracelet is to make it your own. So go around your house and look for random ish you like and go turn it into a charm, its a lot cheaper than paying 50 big ones for a charm your ex best friend has. You can use the Juicy bracelet as a start off point if you'd like and can also have the charms made detachable so you can mix and match the bracelet. SO GO CHARM HUNTING!!!!


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