Monday, July 16, 2007

Check Her Style: Lily Allen

Lily Allen has hopped the pond from London to the U.S. to showcase not only her up-beat songs, but also her quirky sense of style. A girl after my own heart, Lily Allen rocks beautiful and girly dresses, neon eyeliner, and sneakers…all at the same time hehe. She is known for her bright colored fashions which ironically enough match her bubbly songs. She also fancies doorknocker earrings and collects jordans.

To get her look try:
Doorknocker earrings
A beehive hairdo
Voluminous tea length dresses


Shanice Akilah said...

yes!! i love lilly allen she is soo fly and her styl is unique. she has a simple but complex style which fits her image her music is wonderful and not like most u will listen 2...if u like lilly allen's look u would like janelle monae she is outta this world music is excellent!!!

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