Monday, July 16, 2007

Spotlight On: Sidekick Zante (Slide), Sidekick?? and the Sidekick X

Sidekick Zante(Slide): So it seems as though the geniuses at Danger/Sharp that mass produce all the sidekicks, have now created a new version of the super fly status symbol. Known as the Zante, this new kick slides instead of swivels, a feature which I will mos def. miss. The Zante seems to be the same as the three except for a few minor upgrades:
  • new sounds when you slide the phone up and down
  • more categories under the "settings" tab
  • more attractive instant messaging display, but no new AIM features
  • the phone is purple and the keyboard is either purple or blue
  • smaller than the three, the screen is closer to the Sidekick ID (yuck)

  • instead of typical rounded square buttons, the Zante comes complete with perfectly round circle buttons, the 3 keyboard is probably better
  • typical sidekick reception with a few minor upgrades
  • the speakerphone rocks, its louder, clearer, just all around better
  • themes are now available through the catalog instead of online
  • more downloading space
  • a semi-better display

Word on the street is that the Zante should be ready for release as early as September 9th from T-Mobile, for an asking price of $269.00. The price, which is cheaper than the Sidekick 3 tells you that this phone in no way, shape , or form is supposed to be the heir to the Sidekick throne, meaning the Zante is NOT THE SIDEKICK 4!!!! So don't get your panties in a bunch quite yet! It's probably being used to further their market for people who could not afford the 3, or did not like the three, but did not want the crappy ID. Their website is no help of course, and does not contain the usual preview that the other sidekicks have had in the past. The Zante is apparently a collaboration between Sharp, Danger, and Motorola.

Sidekick X: Little is known about the Sidekick X, it confuses me. Apparently it is supposed to be some form of a RAZR with sleek detail and shiny casing. No one is sure on whether or not the Sidekick X RAZR is going to be a flip phone or just a metal version of the sidekick 3. The people at Danger and Motorola are collaborating again in order to appeal to an adult, more professional market because a business man flipping a sidekick just does not spell "cool". lmao

Sidekick??: The greenish looking phone up top (the one i think is the sweetest), is possibly the sidekick that is succeeding the 3. It's sleeker than the other kicks before it, but little is known about the Sidekick?? because no information has been released to the public quite yet. It will probably carry all of the upgrades that come with the Zante, and is rumored to have a better camera, video play back and recording capabilities, as well as a display that will shit on all of these. The picture above is said to be a "rendering" but it looks so real, doesn't it?

It all leaves me to think that the phone companies are on crack--why are u creating all these effin phones??? I'm not hating though, it all makes me mad excited!! I think I will stick to my 3 until the Sidekick ??? comes. This is what Verizon gets for trying to hoar us up with those pretend kicks!!! So haha!

(all information can be found at and, and


dheathjr said...

i like that blue one that sorta looks like MDA, but i'll keep my sidekick, especially cuz i just got another 1...i am on my unfortunate...but my sidekick is oddly enough my life

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